Class of 2025 QB Jett Niu proves he's able to compete with top talent at The SHOW | Youth1

Class of 2025 QB Jett Niu proves he's able to compete with top talent at The SHOW

Youth1 spoke with Class of 2025 football prospect Jett Niu about his experience at The SHOW this past weekend in Atlanta. Niu is a 6-foot-2, 175-pound, quarterback from the state of Utah. He was one of several hundred athletes that participated in THE SHOW. Niu played in with Team Chosen in the Diamond Division during the 7v7 tournament. He split time with another quarterback during the first day of Pool Play. Niu would end up being the only quarterback available for Team Chosen on the second day during double-elimination tournament play. Team Chosen's other quarterback had to leave the tournament early due to a unofficial visit that he had scheduled. With the temperature hovering around the low 90's, Niu and his teammates battled to a 6-2 overall tournament record and a second-place finish. 

Niu was named MVP for his play against Teams Flight and Shock. His best game was against Team Reign where he completed around 90% of his passes and passed for 160-plus yards and five touchdowns. Niu was also named overall offensive MVP for Team Chosen

Youth1 spoke with Niu about his performance at The SHOW. 

Niu on what he learned about himself this past weekend:

"I was able to learn about leadership, pushing through hard times, and I can control how far I want my team to go."

Niu on what he'll work on during the rest of the off-season:

"One thing I want to really work on is my football IQ. That includes continuing film-study, off-season quarterback training to perfect my skillset, getting stronger, and increasing my speed."

Niu also told Youth1 that he had a great experience and The SHOW helped him understand that he's able to compete with the top talent in the country on a high-level. With the temperatures in the 90's on both days, Niu says he learned a lot about himself both mentally and physically. He was grateful for the opportunity to make a name for himself. 

"I want to thank NextGen and everyone involved for giving me an opportunity to compete."


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