Maryland TE Kaelen Gray is one of 2024's most promising prospects | Youth1

Maryland TE Kaelen Gray is one of 2024's most promising prospects

The 2024 class is one of the more talented classes we've covered here at Youth1. It seems like every week another stud comes on our radar from the 2024 class. 

One young man making waves for his ability on the football field is 2024 TE Kaelen Gray, who is an outstanding pass-catching Tight End.

"I just love the game. The grind, the work, and the development," Gray told

"Also, catching touchdowns!"

Standing at 6'2" 200 lbs., Gray has outstanding size for his position, especially at his age. He uses his size to his advantage, shielding off defenders to catch tough passes. His ability to catch the ball is perhaps most impressive. Just throw the ball in his direction and he'll make a play. 

Gray is an athlete first and foremost, allowing him to have an impact when lined up at the WR spot as well. He has the speed to get past defenders and find an opening in the defense.

"My physique. My physical attributes are my strengths. I am 6'2 200 lbs. so I can get the jump ball, run across the middle, play split end or line up in the slot. Also I believe I have excellent blocking skills for a tight end," Gray said of his strengths.

Gray isn't limited to playing only one side of the ball either.

"I play TE/WR and DE/OLB. What I love most about offense is making big plays, catching touchdowns, and being the best team player I can be," Gray said.

"What I love most about defense is being able to be more physical, aggressive, and zeroing in on the QB! Most of all both positions I enjoy the fact of perfecting my craft one day," he added.

The Chesapeake Beach, MD native most recently played for the Owings Outlaws, Prince Frederick Eagles, Spirit of Faith Warriors (Travel Team). He's earned invitations to some of the nation's exclusive youth football events including NUC All American Invite, Offense-Defense All American, VTO Elite 100, U.S. Nationals, and NextGen's The Show.

"You learn something new everyday regardless of age, gender, etc. Everyday I keep that mind frame and challenge myself to get better everyday," Gray said.

"Practice makes perfection, so everyday I push myself to the max. But everyday I try to improve in some area of the game," he added.

As he continues to hone his craft, Gray is working hard to improve in all facets of the game.

"Always working on my footwork and hands. Even though they're good, I'm always striving to be better everyday," Gray said.

It comes as no surprise that Gray models his game after one of the best pass-catchers in NFL history.

"I like Larry Fitzgerald because he is what I call a 5 tool receiver. His hands are superb, his footwork and technique are superb. He also has longevity and great endurance," Gray said.

2024 TE Kaelen Gray is making a name for himself through his stellar play on the football field. He's a rising talent from the state of Maryland. With his ability to make plays as a Tight End, he'll be a talent to follow along with from here.



For more on Kaelen Gray, check out his Youth1 Media Profile -> here.

Check out his highlights below.


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