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KY/TN Future Stars Game 2017: Kentucky Roster

7th Grade

K - Jackson Smith

QB - Preston Agee, Isaac McNamee

RB - Kendrick Peyton, Ben Vaughn, Ja’Waun Northington, Jayshaun Ethridge, Preston Stacy

WR - Dane Key, Vincel Anthony II, Jamere Dorsey, Easton Messer, Dedrick Hamilton, Joryan Harris

TE - Jaree Flanigan

LB - Will Darragh, Charles Jones, Josiah Jackson, Carson Wright, Jymarrie Johnson, Jashawne Monroe

OL/DL - Kaleb Kissee, Owen Lemaster, Eric Billups, Leandre Maxwell, Mikale Carney, Landon Nokes, Elijah Lalli, Peyton Dietz, Erion Sanders-Strain, Leonard Bates, Lydell Conley, Kiyuntae Goodwin, Shepard Daulton, Anthony Johns, Jacoby Thornsbury, Cole Warner, Peyton Sayers, Mason Sayers, Jayven Hesler, Jackson Smithm Travis Haskins Jr., Joseph Oliver

DB/ATH - Lennox Jackson, Ondre Wicks, Chance Thompson, Cade Sullivan, Robert Bruner, Curtis Rearden, Evan Poore, Cameron Dunn, Jace Lankford, Darnel Herzog, Shawn Bush

Alternates - Stephen Mack, Steven Rios, Julian Corley, Brandon Dearing, Dravin Routt, Caleb Johnson, Lane Brockman, Rocky Whitehead, Bryce McCullan, Lazurus Vance, Tristen Hawkins

8th Grade

K - Ben Schofield

QB - EJ Austin, Larry Cummings Jr.

RB - Lavell Wright, Austin Gough, Desrick Allen, Terrance Mitchell, Austin Oppel, Ethan Mills

WR - Elijah Blakey, Stephen Jones, Isaac Dimmock, Derrion Collier, Nick Coates, David Miller, Howard Jackson, Dekel Crowdus

TE - Zach Russell, Demetrius Huguley Jr.

DB - Davyon Van Buren, Isaiah Forrest, Braxton Cannon, Mathew Curd, Chris Forehand Jr., Bryce Yates, Isaiah Thaxton, Ethan Snider

LB - Justice Thompson, Devon Stratton, Dominick Hodges, Alton Jefferson, Deanthony Perry, Owen Hellard, Devin Lewis

OL/DL - Vashawn Anderson, Tashawn Patterson, Quintrell Dixon, Dru Flener, Brenden Sandven, Jonathan Morton, John Mudd, Tai’shawn Adams, Cameron Dewberry, Jordan Wagner, Trent Clavey, Deontae Peyton, Josh Jackson, Cameron Willis, Darion Dearinger, Trent Hutchinson, Japeth Robinson, Hunter Scott, Evan Embry, William Long


QB - Logan Cummins, Gerard Traynor

RB - Raymont Townsend, Antwand Hendricks

WR - Malik Hardin, De’Anthony Perry, Rondereus Malone, Elijah Phan, Reggie Thomas Jr., Jackson Klein, Aaron Gibbs

DB - Darius Tray Buckner Carter McKeever Caleb Winebrenner Chaunte Morrero Jr Will Logan

OL/DL - Matt Mooney, Brandon Key, Jacob Mann, John Greene, Brad Gausepohl

LB - Jayden Graham, Tanner Coyle, Teon Hausley


The KY/TN Future Stars Game starts tomorrow at 12pm at Austin Peay University in Tennessee.


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