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Everything you need to know about youth football National Championship events

Over the last decade more and more youth football organizations have popped up. These organizations are typically designed to provide a safe way for youth football players to compete against other athletes from around the country. Many of these organizations hold numerous events throughout year that allow athletes to develop their talent while learning the game of football. These events are a great way to keep athletes engaged in football year-round.

One youth football event that has become popularized over the past few years is the end of the year "National Championship." It seems that almost every youth football organization is hosting an end of the year game(s) or tournament dubbed as a National Championship event.

The landscape of these games (and even youth football in general) can be confusing at times, to say the least.

Youth1 took time to sort through these National Championship events, breaking down important details you need to know about each.


Pro Football Hall of Fame Youth National Championship

Date(s): Dec 14-17

Location: Canton, OH

How to participate: Team must be nominated

Format: All-Star Teams compete

Reputation: One of the top youth National Championship events in the nation.

Other Info: Event is run by Richard McGuinness, National Youth Football Championship Architect & former creator of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl (NBC).


Pop Warner National Championships

Date(s): Dec. 2-9, or second week of December.

Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL

How to participate: Must be a Pop Warner team.

Format: Regular Season teams compete.

Reputation: Pop Warner is perhaps the most well-known youth football organization in the country.

Other Info: 64 football teams compete for National Championships in 5 different age/weight ranges (Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Varsity, Varsity & Unlimited).


American Youth Football (AYF) National Championships

Date(s): Dec. 2-10

Location: Orlando, FL

How to participate: According to their website, "To qualify for the National Championships you must participate in a regional championship, a sanctioned qualifier or receive a wildcard from the National Office."

Regional and National tournaments are only open to members of American Youth Football.

Format: Regular Season teams compete.

Reputation: Since 2005, has been hosting athletes around the to compete in this event.

Other Info: 170 teams compete over 8 days for National Championship, Championship play is last 2 days of event.


National Youth Football Championships

Date(s): Thanksgiving Weekend

Location: Las Vegas, NV

How to participate: Must register team online. Not invite only.

Format: Regular Season teams compete.

Reputation: Since 1972, NYFC has been hosting Thanksgiving weekend National Championship games.

Other Info: According to their website, over 200 teams compete.


HOFACC Canton Football Classic National Championship

Date(s): Dec. 7-10

Location: Canton, OH

How to participate: Any players/teams welcome to register. First come first serve.

Format: All-Star teams compete.

Reputation: This year was the second year for the event. Been in existence since 2016.

Another Info: For 6th-8th graders.

FBU National Championship

Date(s): Dec.18-21

Location: Naples, FL

How to participate: Must be part of regional FBU team.

Format: All-Star Teams compete

Reputation: Renowned National Championship event.

Other Info: From their website --- "The Road To Naples starts with 64 teams from all over the United States, representing their State/Region, battling in a single elimination tournament to see who is National Champion. There are three divisions, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade all which will compete throughout the month of December to be crowned National Champion. There will be over 6,000 athletes representing thousands of youth leagues participating in the Championship."


N.P.F.A. Mid-Atlantic National Championship

Date(s): Dec. 16-17

Location: Highland Springs, VA

How to participate: Open registration. $399 a team/$20 a player.

Format: All-Star Teams compete

Reputation: Since 2011 NPFA has hosted some of the best athletes from the Mid-Atlantic region in this National Championship event.

Other Info: Ages 6u - 14u


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