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Colorado WR Brandon Hills Catches a Freshman450 Nod

Brandon Hills of Colorado Springs, Col., made the Freshman450 thanks to his receiving ability as well as his speed. And it’s not your average speed; he’s scary fast— ran the 40 in 4.67 seconds—which is a very good thing for his team, the varsity Vista Ridge High school Wolves. 

On the football field, the quicksilver Hills is a vertical threat at wide receiver, running precise routes and catching passes in tight coverage. He uses his speed to get separation from defensive backs, as well as zipping down the field for big yards after a catch. As an added threat for the Wolves, the speedster also returns kicks for the Wolves, giving his team excellent field position during punts or kickoffs, or providing a scoring opportunity when he touches the ball.

The 5’8”, 150-pound receiver and kick returner shows off a wide variety of great plays with his highlight video.

Watching it, one can see why Hills played for his school’s varsity team—he makes one big play after another, though it meant that Hills had to step up his game during the season.

“It was very fast-paced, and I had to adjust,” the 2023 athlete said of joining the varsity Wolves when he was just a freshman. “But it made me better. As a football player, I feel I am progressing very well.”

However, Hills’ athletic talent isn’t just on the football field: He has the boys’ 13-14 USATF Junior Olympic 2019 National Champion in the triple jump and long jump. He was also the national leading freshman in long jump and triple jump during the track & field indoor season.

Although he’s also been a success on the track, Hills enjoys making big plays on the gridiron, as well as the comradery he shares with his teammates.

“My favorite part of playing football is the experience of the game, traveling with my teammates and the overall atmosphere of the game,” he said.

Hills models his game after two All-Pro NFL players: Odell Beckham Jr. and Tyreek Hill, which is fitting because he shares the best traits of both players.

 “Odell is an excellent route runner and has great hands, and Tyreek Hill [has] field vision and exceptional speed,” he noted.

While Hills waits for his sophomore next football season to begin, he will continue preparing for it by working out, attending camps and doing track. There are several areas where he wants to focus on, for football and school: “[I will work on] getting stronger, gaining weight, maintaining my grades and getting better as a football player—improving my route running and my acceleration off the ball,” he said.

 For now, Hills will enjoy the accolade of being a part of this year’s Freshman450.

“It feels great to know that [I was picked],” he stated. “There are a lot of kids in the country that would love to say they are top 450 in the country, so it’s a cool honor to have.”

Although he hasn’t received any interest in colleges or universities at this time, if he continues his outstanding level of play, he’s sure to draw attention from them before too long.


To view the entire Freshman450, please click -> here.

View Hills' highlights below.

Article written by Tom Warnick.


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