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2026’s Garrison Cantrell is a savvy quarterback with excellent mental fortitude

Garrison Cantrell is a promising young quarterback who is making a name for himself in Georgia.


The 5-foot-7, 119-pound Cantrell has been invited to the NFA/QB Collective Quarterback Duel the last 3 years and will attend the QB Universe camp in April as well. 



Cantrell models his style of play under center after this versatile and dynamic signal caller. 

“Ian Book because of his ability to move around in the pocket and be a dual threat QB,” Cantrell said. 

Cantrell seizes every day and maximizes his energy to the fullest in order to create consistent strides on the field. 

“I do push ups, sit ups, squats, and heel raises as well as a workout in my basement by our school’s trainer,” Cantrell said.

It’s still early in his career but Cantrell already has colleges in mind that interest him. 

“My top five would be Georgia, Clemson, Harvard, Florida State and USC,” Cantrell said. 

Cantrell is well aware of the impression he makes on his teammates as a quarterback. It’s why he’s so conscious of the impact he makes with his interactions. 

“During sprints or running laps I go back to help some of the slower teammates to encourage them. I encourage my teammates to keep their head up when they make a mistake in the game,” Cantrell said. “The best advice I give is don’t quit now, it will all pay off in the long run.”

Cantrell states the objectives he has on his mind each time he touches the ball.

“Stay calm, lead confidently and move the chains,” Cantrell said. 

Cantrell is young but has already learned so much about life through the game of football. There’s one key takeaway in particular that stands out to Cantrell. 

“There will be failure in life but always come back strong and never give up,” Cantrell said. 

Cantrell has clear goals in mind when he joins Dacula High School. 

“I want to be the starting quarterback in the ninth grade for the varsity,” Cantrell said. “I want to set multiple county and state records as a quarterback.”

Cantrell credits his coaches for giving him excellent guidance and wisdom along his football path. 

“My coaches tell me that patience is key and to trust the process. Teamwork will help win games so don’t be selfish,” Cantrell said. “If you want something go get it. Be the predator not the prey.”

For Cantrell, football gives him a rush because of the game’s shared unity. 

“I love the ability to play with and for my teammates who I love as well as the atmosphere or feeling after a great play or game,” Cantrell said. 

In the classroom, Cantrell has a particular fondness for Social Studies. 

“I like learning about the past and it feels like we are being told stories,” Cantrell said. 

Cantrell realizes there’s many athletes out there who share the same dream as him.  

However, he believes he has unique abilities that can aid him on his gridiron journey. 

“My football knowledge and being a QB who can read defenses at a young age. My leadership because I take responsibility & follow the rules,” Cantrell said. “I have a great work ethic. For example, when doing drills, I don’t run from pain, I push through it.”



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