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2029’s Lord Malik Heru is extraordinary and electrifying under center

Lord Malik Heru is one of the most explosive quarterbacks in the Class of 2029. 

The 5-foot-1, 100-pound Heru, who plays for the Virginia Beach Mustangs, is a decorated multi-sport athlete. 

Heru also excels in track and field, having captured the 2021 AAU Track and Field 200M national title, 4x400 relay national title and having the fastest U.S. time in 60 meters for his age group. 

Heru explains how track and field translates to the gridiron. 

“It means that I can hurt defenses with my arm and legs,” Heru said. 

Heru takes responsibility as a quarterback and holds his peers accountable with not just words but actions. 

“I pick my teammates up if they are struggling in practice and I make sure I’m ready to play on game day by practicing hard and watching film with my dad,” Heru said. “I tell my teammates to never give up.”

Heru takes his craft extremely seriously and gives immense effort to craft his skills. 

“I watch NFL QBs and train with my dad and Coach Croom,” Heru said. 

Heru is supremely confident in his abilities but gives the biggest shout out to his No. 1 fan for why he has a bright future. 

“My skills, and I know defensive coverages and how to beat them,” Heru said. “But to be real my mom because she always tells me I’m the best and I believe her.”

Heru projects a cool demeanor for his teammates to mirror. 

“I have to be calm and play with swag so my teammates do the same,” Heru said. “We have to win is always my mindset.”

Heru has been fortunate to have a vast array of mentors guiding him. 

“I learned from coach Paul Hutson to always get better at something no matter how small it is to always train my craft. I learned from my parents to always be prepared,” Heru said. “Coach Anthony Hawkins told me that playing quarterback means I have to put in extra work and I never forgot that.”

Heru has had many amazing individual moments but he values team success above all else. 

“My favorite memory is in 2019 having my first undefeated season,” Heru said. 

Heru is a versatile signal caller that is a crowd favorite every time he steps on the field. 

“I love throwing and running touchdowns,” Heru said. “I like when the crowd gets loud after a big play.”

Heru has pros that he admires and eventually hopes to surpass 

“I look up to Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, and Deshaun Watson,” Heru said. “I look up to them because my game is like theirs but I want to be better than them.”

For Heru, football is about more than X’s and O’s. The sport is a reflection of the grind necessary in the real world. 

“Playing football has taught me that nothing is easy and if you want something you have to put in the work,” Heru saud. “My dad always tells me that when we train.”

Education is vital to Heru, who particularly enjoys practical subjects. 

“My favorite subjects are math and science because we deal with both every day,” Heru said. 

Heru has lofty goals when he gets to high school. 

“I want to start as a freshman,” Heru said. “I want to get multiple scholarship offers and I want to win championships while I’m in high school.”

As for beyond that, the mature Heru is keeping an open mind. 

“Coach Chris Currie taught me to love any school that shows me love,” Heru said. “The school that believes in me the most is my college of choice.”



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