Class of 2027 QB Furian Inferrera talks about getting his first Division I offer from Pitt | Youth1

Class of 2027 QB Furian Inferrera talks about getting his first Division I offer from Pitt

The top college football teams usually win their share of recruiting battles. What's also true is that the top college football teams do a great job of identifying talent early in the recruiting process. A few years ago, the idea of a 7th-grader receiving a scholarship offer from a college football team seemed far-fetched. Nowadays, it's not much of a surprise. Nevertheless, it's still an impressive accomplishment. Class of 2027 quarterback Furian Inferrera earned his first Division I offer from the University of Pittsburgh after a great performance at one of their prospect camps this past weekend. Youth1 spoke with Furian about his first offer and the circumstances surrounding it. 

"It feels great to to have a Power 5 offer as a 7th grader," Inferrera said when asked about how it felt to receive his first offer. "First and foremost, I would like to thank god for giving me the opportunity to receive my first offer." He says that Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti informed him of the offer immediately after the camp. Obviously, Inferrera made a great impression on the Pittsburgh coaching staff. 

"During the camp, I received very positive feedback," said Inferrera. "That included tips that I found useful from the coaching staff, especially from Coach (Jonathan) DiBiaso." DiBiaso is an offensive graduate assistant for Pitt. Inferrera told Youth1 that he also had a chance to talk with Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi during the camp. 

The positive feedback didn't end when the camp ended and it wasn't just about how he performed at the camp. "After the camp, I received positive feedback from the entire Pitt coaching staff," Inferrera said. "Some of the positive feedback that I received was that they liked the way I competed at higher levels, the fact that I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA, my physical attributes, and my leadership. They were all excited to offer me and they welcomed me with open arms."


Here is what QB Influence founder and Inferrera's quarterback coach Drew Aumavae had to say about him:

He is a special kid whose football skillset is advanced beyond his peers (physically, psychologically, mentally).  Being on staff of a couple National QB Coaching organizations, I see QBs across the nation when they are young, before they blow up to be the top high school QBs. Furian is in that top 1% or even better for his current age and this includes a couple first round draft picks. Get comfortable with seeing his name because he is a tireless worker who is committed to his craft, a trait that QBs his age don’t figure out until they’re in High School.

Inferrera will be attending the UNLV Rebel Football Camp, The Dixie State Football Mega Camp, and The Show by NextGen in the upcoming weeks. 


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