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Quarterback University Looks To Teach The Next Generation of Talented Gunslingers

(Youth1Football) - With the bevy of improvement camps throughout the country, the need for position-specific instruction is at a premium. The benefit of working specifically on your craft QBU - logo w goal posts and sloganwith talented coaches is incredible, especially at the youth level, and Quarterback University provides that instruction for the most critical position on the football field. Head coach and co-founder Donovan Dooley wouldn't have it any other way, especially considering his own football background.

"I've played quarterback my entire career, from youth all the way through college," said Dooley. "There aren't a lot of coaches out there teaching young quarterbacks. I wanted to be there for those young players and help them develop."

After his playing days were over, Dooley spent two years coaching football, hosting and attending seminars and, as he put it, "a lot of time in the film room". He realized though that he wasn't spending as much  time with his family, especially his young son Donovan Jr., as he would like. When five-year old Donovan Jr. stated he wanted to play quarterback like his dad, the senior Dooley changed his focus to helping young players, like his son, become better quarterbacks.

Since Quarterback University was developed almost two years ago, Dooley and his coaching staff have worked hard to ensure that youth quarterbacks have had the opportunity to develop their skills not only in a group environment, but also one-on-one. Based out of Detroit, Michigan, QBU works around the nation to provide the best instruction for young athletes through seminars, instructional training, and camps. 

For Dooley, the purpose of QBU has always been the improvement and development of young quarterbacks not only because of the benefits it provides on the field but off of it. The leadership and confidence needed to be a successful field general extends to the classroom, and Dooley considers higher education to be one the biggest benefits of being a great athlete.

"I want to teach kids that football is a vehicle for academic success," notes Dooley. "Less than 1% of players go on to the pro level, so if players can use their craft to earn a scholarship and get a great education, then they're going to help themselves for the rest of their lives."

QBU and Dooley look to instruct players on all aspects of the quarterback position, not just making certain passes or executing play-action fakes. Mornings usually start with classroom instruction and film review so players have the football IQ and X's and O's savvy needed to be a great quarterback. They also work on individual drills, group and leadership work, and 1-on-1 passing drills. The key to all of the practical drills is always fundamentals, according to Dooley, especially for youth players.

"When you teach fundamentals at an early age it becomes second-nature and the game becomes fun and slows down," said Dooley. "So when you have that base in place, and the game speeds up at the higher levels, those quarterbacks are able to adjust quickly."

Quarterback University is a year-round program where players can work on 1-on-1 drills with Dooley and his staff at any time. There are players from Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota who will come to Dooley the weekend after games to go over film and see where they can improve.

"It's not about improving after each day or each game, it's about improving after each snap, "said Dooley. "Training never stops just because the season is going."

QBU's winter training program is set to start December 7th. For more information, including details on registration, you can visit www.quarterbackuniversity.net for contact details on how to reach Coach Dooley and take advantage of the benefits that QBU can provide young quarterbacks.


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