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2028’s Andrew Herman brings fire and intensity on both ends of the gridiron

Andrew Herman is an up and coming versatile athlete to keep tabs on from the Class of 2028. 


Herman is a 5-foot-2, 105-pound athlete who plays as a linebacker and running back for Elkin Elementary School. 



Herman has received plenty of notice during his football career, such as: two-time Battle Ground All Star and also MVP, Showtime Elite selection, D1 Savage selection, OD All American Bowl MVP, and East Vs West Battleground Pro Bowl selection. 


Herman, who amassed over 400 receiving yards last season, is humbled that his effort and work ethic has made a difference. 

“It means that my hard work is paying off and if I put my mind to it I can succeed in anything I do,” Herman said. “It was great to play with kids that loved football as much as I do and fun to play with really good players.”

Herman brings an equal amount of intensity on both sides of the ball. 

“My mindset at linebacker is to get to the ball and create turnovers and punish the ball carriers,” Herman said. “When I am at running back, my mindset is to score, block and run with authority.”

Herman lists being a champion as the greatest moment during his nine-season career. 

“Winning the Super Bowl is my favorite memory because I made the game saving tackle,” Herman said. 

Herman does his best to be the best leader he can be for his teammates. 

“I lead by example and always encourage my teammates,” Herman said. “The best advice I give is block with everything you’ve got, and don't leave anything on the field.”

Herman shares some wisdom he’s acquired from his coaches. 

“I have learned accountability and teamwork from my coaches,” Herman said. “The best advice I’ve gotten is don't take unnecessary hits and always play hard between the whistles.”

Herman shares what he relishes the most about the game of football. 

“I really like the physicality of the game and making lifelong friends,” Herman said. 

Herman describes the qualities and traits that he’s developed from being a football player. 

“I’ve learned from football that hard work pays off and to stand up for yourself and teammates,” Herman said. 

Herman attempts to pattern his style of play after this athlete. 

“I look up to Josh Jacobs because he runs hard and blocks,” Herman said. 

Herman lists science as his favorite subject in school. 

Herman has an array of workout activities he does frequently to hone his body. 

“I do sit ups, push ups, leg lifts and I am always running,” Herman said. 

Herman lists his goals for high school. 

“I want to be a four-year starter and lead the state in rushing yards and sacks.” Herman said. 

Herman’s list for his top college options include Clemson, Wake Forest, and App State. 

Herman breaks down what separates him from the pack and why he’ll achieve his football dreams. 

“It’s because of my dad,” Herman said. “He is always pushing me to be better. He is always ensuring I have all the tools to succeed.”



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