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Elite101 Spotlight: Breaking down the Elite 5

We recently released our Elite101 Rankings, which featured the extremely talented athletes from the 2026 class. This year's edition of the Elite101 is brimming with youth athletes that will one day be D1 athletes making an impact at the collegiate level.

The 2026 class is one of more talented classes we've seen in recent memory. In honor of Elite101 week here at Youth1, we've decided to take a deep dive into the cream of the crop from our Elite101.

The Top 5 ranked athletes, aka the Elite 5, on our Elite101 are absolutely spectacular talents that we are very excited to showcase. 

Here's a breakdown of the Elite 5 athletes.

5. Owen Lansu - QB - Illinois

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 155

Strengths: Accuracy, Arm Strength, Decision-Making, Comfort in the Pocket

Lansu's ascension over the past couple years has been remarkable. The rapid progression in his game shows you the level of dedication to his craft Lansu has.

With deadly accuracy and a strong arm to boot, Lansu is one of 2026's elite QB prospects.


4. Tyler Atkinson - DE - Georgia

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180

Strengths: Relentless Edge Rusher, Athleticism, Speed, Physicality 

Atkinson has all the physical attributes to go with his tantalizing talent as an edge rusher. First and foremost, he's a real athlete. He plays with a relentlessness that makes opposing lineman quiver. The speed he possesses as an edge rusher is his real advantage.

He's got D1 talent written all over him.


3. Bear McWhorter - OL/DL - Georgia

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250

Strengths: Skilled Blocker, Size, Technique, Physicality

Bear is a fitting name for Mr. McWhorter. He's an absolute beast in the trenches with his mix of size, supreme talent, and physicality. While his physically imposing stature is a major plus, Bear is also very technically sound. His footwork, hand placement, and use of his size and strength is well beyond his years.

We've been fans of Bear for a while here at Youth1. No surprise he's earned a Top 3 spot on our Elite101.


2. Kane Archer - QB - Arkansas

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180

Strengths: Poise, Arm Strength, IQ, Accuracy

Archer already has the swagger of a star QB. He shines as a dominant passer at the youth level. He makes playing QB look easy. Archer's rise over the last year or so has been impressive. The hours of dedication and work have culminated into one of the more impressive youth QBs you'll find.

The Arkansas native already holds D1 offers from Arkansas, Michigan, and Missouri.


1. Julian Lewis - QB - Georgia

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155

Strengths: Precision Passer, Deadly Accurate, IQ, Poise, Leadership, Arm Strength

What can't Julian Lewis do? He may be the best youth QB we've come across in all our years covering youth football.

His skill level is just down right remarkable for his age. Lewis can make every throw look like a breeze. If there's one QB from this class you can bet on, it's Julian Lewis.

Lewis holds multiple D1 offers from schools like Florida, Penn State, Georgia Tech, Morgan State and Ole Miss.

Earning the #1 spot on our Elite101 is a major honor. Congrats to Julian Lewis on all the hard work he's put in to earn this spot.


To see the entire Elite101 Rankings featuring the 2026 class, click here!


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