2027 QB Ali Beydoun is one of Ohio's budding young talents | Youth1

2027 QB Ali Beydoun is one of Ohio's budding young talents

We recently released our Next Up Watchlist, which spotlights the rising talents around the country from the 7th grade. This list is brimming with future high school standouts, many who will go on to be D1 athletes.

Among the talented Quarterbacks to be named to our Next Up Watchlist is 2027 QB Ali Beydoun, who is a budding young talent from Ohio.

The Toledo, OH native most recently played for Saint John's Jesuit Academy Jr. Rockets 7v7 team, where his rising talent has been on display. Beydoun has solidified himself as one of the nation's rising young QBs with his love of the position and burning desire to get better each day.

"Getting 1% better everyday,' Beydoun told Youth1.com of his progression.

"Outworking everyone in my age group. Speed, quickness, and agility 4 times per week. Quarterback specific training with my QB coach 1-2 times per week," he added.

Standing at 5'5" 125 lbs., Beydoun is a precision passer who can make throws with ease. His accuracy is among his best attributes, as he can put the ball in most places he desires. Beydoun has great footwork that works in concert with his smooth throwing motion. This allows him to drive the ball into tight spots. He can deliver a strike on the move and shows real comfort reading defenses from the pocket.

"Leadership, smarts, and pinpoint accuracy," Beydoun said of his strengths.

One area of his game Beydoun is working to improve is his arm strength and throwing mechanics. "I also want to improve my front foot strike, front shoulder closed, hip rotation, and balance," he added.

Beydoun's talent has been recognized on a national level. Aside from being named to our Next Up Watchlist, Beydoun is ranked as the #15 Dual-Threat QB in the country from our friends at QBHitList. He's also been invited to participate in NextGen's The Show.

This is only the beginning for Beydoun. With his talent, dedication to improvement, and his love of the game, he's a QB to keep an eye on going forward.

2027 QB Ali Beydoun is this week's Monday Morning Quarterback, check out that interview below.


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