2026 star QB Julian Lewis snags offers from Florida, Penn State and Georgia Tech | Youth1

2026 star QB Julian Lewis snags offers from Florida, Penn State and Georgia Tech

Congratulations are in order for 2026 rising star QB Julian Lewis who picked up his first pair of offers from Florida and Penn State.

Lewis took to Twitter to share the exciting news.

Youth1 identified Julian Lewis as youth football's "Next Big Thing" two years ago, and since then Julian has done everything to prove us right.

Youth1's Football Director, Ryan Oliver, wrote this about Lewis back in 2019 when he was a 6th grader, "Lewis shines bright on every field he steps foot on. He has a true presence on the field that's noticeable on his film. His highlight tape is one of the more impressive tapes you'll see from someone his age. His footwork, throwing mechanics, and poise in the pocket are stellar. Lewis can make all the throws. His ability to drop in accurate deep balls is remarkable. He excels at throwing the ball while on the move. Give him time in the pocket, and he'll pick the defense apart. If he feels pressure he'll use his athleticism to evade the defenders, then deliver an on target ball to his receiver."

Just last year, after naming Lewis to our Next Up Watchlist, we identified Lewis as 2026's top prospect stating, "Julian is probably the one of more polished QBs you'll ever see from a 7th grader. He can make every throw. His combination of intelligence, arm strength, accuracy, pocket presence, and overall ability, is off the charts. He's won MVP at basically every camp he's attended. He's got potential to be an extremely elite prospect at the high school and collegiate level."

This is only the first of many offers for Julian Lewis. With his elite talent and dedication to his craft, any college program would be lucky to have him.


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