2027 linemen heading into their freshman year with some buzz | Youth1

2027 linemen heading into their freshman year with some buzz

The class of 2027 has several offensive and defensive linemen that have a lot of buzz headed into their freshman year of high school football. Youth1 takes a look at some of those prospects that we'll be keeping close tabs on this season. We'll be adding more to this list as the season progresses. 


T.K. Cunningham | 6-5 | 230 | Edge | Florida

Cunningham heads into his freshman year of football with over 15-plus offers. USC, Penn State, Michigan State, Michigan, Miami, Maryland, LSU, Georgia Tech, Colorado, and Arizona are among the Power 5 schools well-aware of Cunningham. His brother, T.A. Cunningham, is one of the best Class of 2024 prospects in the nation. T.A. is a Penn State 2024 defensive lineman commit. 

Zane Rowe | 6-5 | 220 | Athlete | Texas

Rowe currently has over 15-plus offers. Texas A&M, Oregon, Ole Miss, Kansas, Baylor, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas, Arkansas, and Arizona State are among the Power 5 schools that have offered him. 


Bryce Daniels | 6-4 | 290 | Offensive Lineman | Florida

Daniels has an offer from FAU. He was one of the top offensive linemen that Youth1 had a chance to evaluate at THESHOW by NXGEN back in late June. 





David Lee | 6-2 | 200 | Edge | California

Lee has an offer from San Jose State. 


Dekori Cranford | 6-3 | 210 | Defensive Lineman | Texas

Cranford has an offer from UTSA. 


Jon Ioane | 6-3 | 275 | Defensive Lineman | California

Ioane has an offer from Arizona.


Junior Saunders | 6-6 | 270 | Offensive Tackle | Virginia

Saunders has offers from N.C. State and Virginia Tech. 


Khyren Haywood | 6-1 | 260 | Defensive Lineman | Florida

Haywood has an offer from Arizona State. 


LaDamion Guyton | 6-3 | 210 | Edge | Georgia

Guyton has an offer from Georgia. 


Lemani Fehoko | 6-1 | 280 | Offensive Lineman | California




Fehoko has offers from San Diego State and San Jose State. 



Kody Strayhorn | 6-2 | 240 | Offensive Lineman | Michigan

Strayhorn has offers from both Michigan and Michigan State. After doing a little research, it turns out that he earned those offers as a 7th grader. 

Montana Toilolo | 6-3 | 260 | Defensive Lineman | California

Toilolo has an offer from Washington.




Salesi Lata | 6-1 | 220 | Edge | California

Lata has an offer from Utah.


Stay tuned to Youth1 for more Class of 2027 prospects with some buzz headed into their freshman year of football.




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