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5 eye-popping athletes from the Next Up Watchlist

We recently released our Next Up Watchlist, which identifies some of the budding young talents from the 7th grade. 

With over 80 talented rising athletes being named to the Next Up Watchlist, we've tabbed 5 athletes who we are extremely excited to follow going forward!

Julian Lewis - QB - Atlanta, GA

Julian is probably the one of more polished QBs you'll ever see from a 7th grader. He can make every throw. His combination of intelligence, arm strength, accuracy, pocket presence, and overall ability, is off the charts. He's won MVP at basically every camp he's attended. He's got potential to be an extremely elite prospect at the high school and collegiate level.

You can check out Julian's highlights below.

Owen Lansu - QB - Downers Grove, IL

Lansu has been building his reputation in youth football circles for a little while now. His dedication and diligence to being the best player he can be hasn't gone unnoticed. His leadership is impeccable. He has a strong arm and a natural ability to make plays from the pocket. A budding talent will be even better with another year of progress.

You can check out Owen's highlights below.

Anthony Miller - QB - Sarasota, FL

Miller is an athlete that really pops when you watch him on film.

He has an eye-catching ability to make big plays for his team. His arm strength, accuracy and comfort in the pocket are beyond his years.

You can check out Miller's highlights below.

Sabby Meassick - QB - Kissimmee, FL

Meassick is one of 2026's rising stars and perhaps Florida's next big QB talent. 

His accuracy and arm strength is very impressive. He's an athlete to keep a close eye on going forward.

Bear McWhorter - OL/DL - Kingston, GA

McWhorter is a big physical lineman at 6'0" 220 lbs. His agility and footwork at his size and age give him a real advantage. He's building a rep as an elite youth lineman in Georgia. Bear is only scratching the very surface of his talent and potential.


The 2020 edition of the Next Up Watchlist can be viewed here and purchased here!


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