2024’s Tyler Flakes is a bruising running back who loves trucking defenders | Youth1

2024’s Tyler Flakes is a bruising running back who loves trucking defenders

Tyler Flakes is one of the rising football talents in the South from the Class of 2024. 


The 5-foot-8, 160-pound running back attends Auburn High School. Flakes has previously attended a Rivals camp. 


Flakes’ best game last season was vs. Opelika when he had roughly 160 yards, along with two touchdowns.  


Flakes has been playing the game of football for 10 years now and he brings a physical mindset to the field. 

“I am a ground and pound, downhill runner,” Flakes said.

Flakes describes his favorite football memory. 

“When we beat our rival school last year,” Flakes said. 

Flakes does his best every day to be the most inspirational leader he can be. 

“I demonstrate being a good teammate by lifting my teammates up,” Flakes said. “The best advice I give is to play as hard as you can and just have fun.”

Flakes is grateful to have coaches that care about him. Flakes shares what he’s learned from his coaches. 

“I’ve learned from my coaches that body language and character plays a big role,” Flakes said. “The best advice I’ve gotten from my coaches is if you make a bad play, forget about it and move to the next play.”

Flakes describes why he has such a passion for the game of football. 

“What I love the most about playing football is the adrenaline when you make a play, and being around my teammates and just doing what I love,” Flakes said. 

Flakes thinks that football teaches players about the value of work ethic. 

“Playing football has taught me that you have to work to get to what you want and be able to succeed,” Flakes said. 

Flakes patterns his play after these talented running backs. 

“The players I look up to would be Nick Chubb and Ezekiel Elliott,” Flakes said. 

Flakes lists history as his favorite subject in school.

Flakes is constantly grinding even when he isn’t practicing. 

“I do field work and weight training,” Flakes said. 

Flakes shares his aspirations for the high school level. 

“My goals for high school are to get good grades and to play football to the best of my abilities,” Flakes said. 

Flakes lists his top college choices as Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, and Kentucky. 

Flakes breaks down why he feels that he stands out from other athletes. 

“I feel as if I'm very humble,” Flakes said. “I don’t really like to celebrate after a big play and I feel as if I work very hard and it would be tough to outwork me.”



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