2023 WR Bruce "Batman" Mitchell receives first D1 offer from Illinois State | Youth1

2023 WR Bruce "Batman" Mitchell receives first D1 offer from Illinois State

2023 WR Bruce "Batman" Mitchell took to Twitter to announce he received his first D1 offer from Illinois State. This is the first of many to come for Mitchell, who has built a reputation as one of the rising Receiver talents in the nation.

"It feels amazing to get my first offer. There’s no other feeling than seeing all of your hard work and dedication pay off," Mitchell told Youth1.com.

Mitchell, who was named to Youth1's Freshman450 last fall, is an FBU All-American, and a member of the USA National Team, is an athlete that prides himself on his work-ethic.

"I think it just shows how hard I work and how much time and effort I put into my craft. It’s only up from here, and I’m going to go even harder every day," Mitchell said.

For an athlete, who's earned the nickname Batman or "Touchdown Batman", this offer is validation that his hard work and big-time talent on the field is being recognized on a national level. Knowing Bruce, this is only going to catapult him forward to achieve more.

"This offer definitely serves as motivation for me going forward," Mitchell told Youth1.com.

"I know that I now have a target on my back every time I step on the field. It’s just gonna make me go even harder during workouts and in the gym to stay at the top. No one is going to stop me from getting where I want to be," he added.


I recently sat down with Bruce to discuss his success on the football field, his development as a WR, passion for football, accolades he's received, and much more.

You can check that out below!


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