2023 RB/DB Ray McKneely earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 RB/DB Ray McKneely earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Louisiana standout Ray McKneely has been selected for the 2019 Youth1 Freshman450. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound Denham Springs running back/cornerback is an exciting prospect out of the Baton Rouge area.

McKneely is grateful to be recognized by Youth1 and believes this accolade can springboard him for more success.

“It feels really good to be named in the nation’s top 450 2023 athletes,” McKneely said. “But it’s more to come as my high school career goes on.”

McKneely believes being a member of the Freshman450 is an incredible honor and he looks forward to proving his worth as continues his high school career.

“It says that I’m one of the best freshmen in the country and I’m really talented to be in the top 450,” McKneely said. “But I think I’m in the top 10 to be honest with you.”

McKneely shares the aspects that he enjoys about playing each side of the ball. McKneely is an ultimate competitor that never backs down from a challenge.

“The best part about playing running back is when I get the ball and be able to see the field like I do,” McKneely said. “At cornerback, I enjoy when it’s just me one-on-one with the other opponent knowing I’m about to win.”

McKneely breaks down the parts of his game that makes him so effective.

“Some strengths for me on the football field are that I have a burst of speed, and strong stiff arm,” McKneely said. “I am not afraid to lower my shoulder and run through you and I also have moves that I can get past you with that I do pretty good.”

McKneely patterns his play after this New Orleans Saints star running back. McKneely sees plenty of similarities.

“Alvin Kamara is actually my favorite running back because I can relate to him,” McKneely said. “As I watch him play the game, him and I actually run the ball and do things very similar to each other.”

McKneely relishes the rush of being a playmaker and the anticipation before the snap.

“My favorite part of football is when I’m in the backfield,” McKneely said. “Knowing I’m about to get the ball is the best feeling.”

McKneely discusses the plans he has upcoming on his agenda.

“I am I’m going to a lot of camps and doing 7-on-7 this year,” McKneely said.

McKneely proudly lists some of his recent accomplishments.

“I am on the honor roll. I’ve been invited to a lot of baseball and football camps,” McKneely said. “I just made my high school baseball team, and my freshman team went 9-1 this football season.”

McKneely has the proper attitude in order to continue developing his skills.

“I feel I’m progressing as a football player,” McKneely said. “All it takes is dedication and hard work to be successful in the game.”

McKneely will continue to grind and sharpen himself mentally and physically.

“The area that I’m most trying to work on right now is my speed to be even more faster and my body, getting my core right. Also, getting my hips and footwork a lot better,” McKneely said. “Some things that I am going to work on is my speed and agility. More focused on my core level and balance and getting stronger over the summer. Maybe throw on about six more pounds, which I’m sure will come.”

Now that McKneely is emerging on the national radar, he’s confident he can catch the eye of college scouts.

“No college offers yet but I promise you I will have some this summer coming up,” McKneely said.


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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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