2022 OL Eli Henderson receives first offer from University of Georgia | Youth1

2022 OL Eli Henderson receives first offer from University of Georgia

Eli Henderson is one of the best players from the Spartanburg, SC area in the Class of 2022.

The 6-foot-4, 283-pound Henderson, who attends James F. Byrnes High School, is an imposing player that works as an offensive lineman. 

Henderson, who was a member of Youth1’s Freshman450 list last year, explains his strengths on the field.

“My strengths are my length, strength and my lateral quickness, but my best attribute is my technique,” Henderson said. “Without technique, none of the other things matter.”

Henderson shares the aspects of playing along the offensive line that he enjoys. 

“I love the OL because it’s all about protecting the people that rely on you and I have always been a natural protector, even when I was younger,” Henderson said. “It is something I pride myself on. If you can lay your body on the line for someone else to get the recognition, you are a man.”

Henderson patterns his play after this three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman. 

“I look up to Taylor Lewan because he is a nasty, physical guy that takes pride in being an OL  and carries himself with swagger,” Henderson said. “When he steps on the field he knows that he is the man, not cocky but confident.

Henderson has a strong passion for the game of football. This is shown through his actions and behavior on the field. 

“My favorite part of football is the brotherhood that comes from it,” Henderson said. “People you would probably not associate with will end up being the same people you would take a bullet for.”

Henderson does his best to show strong leadership to his teammates. It’s important to Henderson that he sets a positive example on his peers.

“I always try to lead by example and try to help my teammates get a grind mentality to where we all love to work and we don’t need to be led, so that we all are on the same page,” Henderson said. “The best advice I give is just to get mentally right, be mentally tough and it’s always mind over matter. Be the crazy guys and tell yourself that everyone is working right now, but I will not be outworked. You’ve got to be crazy sometimes. This game isn’t for everyone.”

Henderson has improved in many aspects since being selected to the Freshman450. Henderson excitedly lists the strides he’s made in the last year. 

“I feel I have made some great improvements over the last season,” Henderson said. “I am definitely getting stronger thanks to being led by the best strength and conditioning coach in the nation (Coach Mike Shrock). My technique is improving as well.”

Henderson discusses what he’s been up to lately.  

“I have done spring practice with my team and we are hard at it every day. I have also had a busy camp season, I plan on turning up my camp season next year. I only went to camps that did not interfere with my weight lifting with my team so I was pretty limited going into my sophomore season,” Henderson said. “We still managed to get to South Carolina, Clemson, Wake Forest, Virginia, VA Tech, Georgia and I plan on being at Louisville on the 27th of July.”

Henderson lists a recent achievement he’s proud of. 

“I was recently blessed to receive my first real offer from Georgia,” Henderson said. “It was my first and it is really special to me.”

Henderson outlines what he needs to work on to take his game to the next level. 

“I am looking to improve my top end speed and my overall strength,” Henderson said. 



For more on Eli Henderson, check out his Youth1 Media profile -> here.

View his highlights below.

Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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