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Top Performers from the TN Future Stars Tryout in Nashville

The Kentucky vs. Tennessee Star game is right around the corner, on June 17th. Now, the TN Future Stars are holding tryouts in various cities around the state scoping out the best talents from respective regions. Recently, the talented youth athletes of Nashville came out to participate in a competitive tryout in hopes of earning a spot on the TN roster.

Here are the top performers.

Standout Lineman

Toleo Malone – OL/DL – Class of 2021

5'8, 185 lbs. Toleo is a Tasmanian Devil of football. With raw power and strength and tenacity Malone is unstoppable up the gut. Don't let his size fool you. He's a pure baller. Unblock-able!

Jackson Monette – OL/DL – Class of 2021

5'10, 240 lbs. Jackson showed solid feet and heavy hands throughout the day. Monette is a tireless worker with a big motor who doesn't take a snap off.

Javon Nelson – OL/DL – Class of 2021

6'2, 203 lbs. Tags and labels are hard to live up to but Javon quite simply is the most athletic edge pass rusher that future stars has ever seen with easily the broadest shoulders I've seen on a 14 year old. He shares the sir name of his tag "the Freak" Javon Kearse ex-Tennessee Titans star.

Colter Haddock – OL/DL – Class of 2022

6'1, 200 lbs. Colter was the complete package. With length/quickness and pure athleticism, he dominated both sides of the one on ones. Colter was by far the most complete lineman on both sides of the ball. Haddocks future probably lies at Left OT.

Skylen Bounphongsy – OL/DL – Class of 2022

5'7, 200 lbs. Skylen was by far the most athletic lineman with the total package of all the 7th grade lineman. Unstoppable on D with quickness power and motor and never gave up a sack on O with his athleticism.

Nicholas Lovett – OL/DL – Class of 2022

6'0, 305 lbs. Besides being a big man, Nicholas showed solid feet with massive/ powerful hands. Lovett has that edge you like in offensive lineman. Nicholas has a huge upside.

Standout QBs/RBs

Ty Simpson – QB – Class of 2022

6’0, 150 lbs. Very impressive in what was a deep group of 7th Grade QB's. Simpson stood out in everything he did. Big arm, solid mechanics, can throw every route possible. He is the son of a D1 college football head coach. He understands the game at a really high level. Had as good a tryout as we've seen in 8 years.

Joe King – QB – Class of 2022

5’11, 149 lbs. King is long lean athletic lefty. He has a gig arm. He had a really good day throwing the football. Missed last season due to baseball arm injury but doesn't look like he has lost anything. King has a very promising future. He also runs well.

Evan Kelley – QB/LB – Class of 2022

5’10, 168 lbs. QB and doubled as a LB, big arm, had a solid day, can make all the throws soon as he works out a couple small kinks fundamentally going to be a really good QB. Kelly is very physical.

Chaye McElroy – RB – Class of 2022

5’7, 155 lbs. McElroy good size, showed excellent feet, really good balance, made nice cuts. Showed out on both sides of the ball.

Standout WRs

Dujuan Sharp – WR/DB – Class of 2022

Excelled at both WR and DB. Excellent footwork, very coachable, student of the game, showed nice transition skills.

Martez Cooksey – WR/DB – Class of 2022

WR/DB stood out at both positions. He’s very competitive and transitions well.

Jaylan Wilkerson – WR/DB – Class of 2022

Wilkerson is a WR with great size. Catches the ball with ease is raw but plenty of talent.

Damon Owens – WR – Class of 2021

6’2, 190 lbs. Owen has very good size for a middle school receiver. He’s way ahead of the game for his age. Really good route runner, very strong hands. A tough matchup for a middle school corner.

Caleb Clayton – WR – Class of 2021

5’10, 150 lbs. Clayton is all speed, speed, speed as he ran 4.6 40-time on grass. Really athletic, caught the ball well, had a really good showing.

Ross Johnson – WR – Class of 2021

5’10, 148 lbs. Johnson was excellent in running route. He showed good speed, great hands. He is very fundamental. He was able to make some nice plays.

Standout DBs

Chris Johnson – DB – Class of 2021

5’7, 142 lbs. Johnson possesses great cover skills and excellent footwork. He’s a lockdown corner with good ball skills. Also has sound technique.

Jaden Payne – DB – Class of 2021

5’11, 150 lbs. Payne has great footwork and is very athletic. He’s a bonafide playmaker.

Andre Turrentine – DB – Class of 2021

6’1, 162 lbs.  Long, physical, can really run, can play strong or free safety. Had a really good day at receiver also made several nice grabs.

David Southerland – DB – Class of 2021

5’10, 163 lbs. Southerland excelled at both RB and LB. Good size, speed, excellent cutting ability and showed some vision.

Top LB of the tryout

Larry Lockett III – LB – Class of 2022

5’9 141 lbs. Lockett moved well showed physicality and nice drops. Had a really good workout.

8th Grade QBs

Lastly, all 8 QB’s at the Nashville tryout brought quality things to the table. All 8 quarterbacks were impressive and are solid quarterbacks with bright futures. The 8th Grade QB selection will be the toughest of all positions to select. It will be a challenge for all these QBs to find a home on the TN Future Stars roster. That’s a testament to the superb talent the state of TN has to offer.


This article was written by the talent evaluation team of the TN Future Stars.


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