TNT Ready To Explode: Florida’s Tavian Durrett and Taybion Singleton Tearing up AAU Basketball Scene | Youth1

TNT Ready To Explode: Florida’s Tavian Durrett and Taybion Singleton Tearing up AAU Basketball Scene

Durett_Singleton(Youth1) - Tavian Durrett and Taybion Singleton have lots of differences. Durrett is a 5'1 combo guard. He loves LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Singleton is a 6'0 small forward who loves Kevin Durant and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

They also have lots of similarities. Both are 12-years-old and play AAU basketball for the Volusia Hornets Select out of Deland, Florida. And both play it well - very well.


Durrett averages 27 points, nine assists and four rebounds per game.  Singleton averages 17 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and two steals per game.


They are dubbed the TNT boys by their coach and Tavian's father, Rob Durret. "They are tearing it up," said Durrett.


Both have a laundry list of outstanding accomplishments and accolades that include multiple MVP honors, playing on tournament championship teams and jaw-dropping individual performances, like the 37 points, 10 three-pointers, 10 assists and four rebounds Durrett had in a YBOA state tournament game, or the 40 points Singleton scored in a game, or the 22 points he willed himself to score while not feeling 100 percent.


Durrett is considered by some to be the top point guard in the nation in his age group. Singleton is as versatile as they come. He can step out and guard smaller players on the perimeter, or he can go inside and defend and rebound with the tallest of players.


They realize they are developing a special connection and starting something memorable. But while they were brought together by basketball, they will remain together through the bond they have developed on and off the court with each other, their teammates and by playing basketball throughout the country.


"I've met people all over the world," says Durrett. "I have friends in 20 different states and made teammates and friends through sports."


Said Singleton: "Basketball has allowed me the chance two attend a great school and travel all over. I am blessed."


They also both hope it leads to even greater opportunities - a chance to excel at the high school level, the national level and eventually, at the collegiate level. They both attend Saint Barnabas Episcopal school, a well-respected academic institution. They have their academics and athletics intact. And they have their dreams ahead of them. Both aspire to someday play major Division I college basketball. But they have to take things slowly and one step at a time, they both said.


"First and foremost, I would like to be first in my class in academics," says Durrett. "After I reach that goal then comes the sport of basketball and (the opportunity to) take that to the next level."


Singleton is striving to be "the top-rated player in the nation, win at nationals, play high school ball, win state and get a major DI scholarship," he said.


By working together - despite their differences - they both will always have one thing in common: A love of basketball and a burning desire to be the best. Watch closely as the TNT brothers look to continue to explode on a court near you!

By Matt Krumrie

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