Kyle Richbourg (2016) Commits to Air Force Lacrosse | Youth1

Kyle Richbourg (2016) Commits to Air Force Lacrosse

Kyle Richbourg, of Centreville High School (VA) Class of 2016, has verbally committed to play men’s lacrosse at the Air Force Academy, Youth1 has confirmed.

Richbourg RotatorYouth1 spoke with 5’10”, 165 lb. midfielder to learn more about his decision to compete for the Air Force.

Along with his high school team, Richbourg also competitively plays for the MadLax Capital club team. He also participated in some of the nation’s top lacrosse tournaments and showcases including the National Invitational Best of the Best, Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip and Adrenaline Black Card, to name a few.

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Lacrosse Commitment Interview:

Y1: What school have you committed to?
I have committed to the Air Force Academy

Y1: What schools did you visit?
Academically the other schools I have visited include: Virginia Tech, James Madison University, George Mason University and The University of Virginia. I could have just visited the Air Force Academy and would have still been able to make my decision though. Air Force gives me a great education and a job right after school, lacrosse is a bonus to it all.

Y1: What were the important factors in your decision?
The fact that I would be receiving a top education and I would be able to serve my country was a huge factor in my decision. I have always wanted to go into the military.

Y1: What would you like to study in school?
Once I get to college I would like to study engineering.

Y1: What tournaments/showcases did you participate in?
I participated in many tournaments. Some of the bigger ones include: the National Invitational Best of the Best, Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip, Adrenaline Black Card, Philly Invitational, and NSCLA.

Y1: What are your strengths as a player/What can you bring to a college program?
What I can bring to the Air Force Lacrosse program is hard work, determination and a good attitude. I am not afraid to step up and be a leader but I can also follow the lead of others.

Y1: What would you like to improve on?
Before I get to the Air Force Academy I would like to improve on many things. My number one thing to improve on is just my strength and speed. I will be going into the weight room a lot more and also hitting the track. My second thought is stick work; you can always improve on stick work no matter what level you play or how old you are.

Y1: When did you start playing lacrosse and what sparked your interest in the sport?
I started lacrosse in the second grade. What sparked my interest were my cousins. I had just recently moved to a new area and had never heard of lacrosse before; where I used to live there was no lacrosse. My cousins introduced me to the sport and I have loved it ever since.

Y1: Favorite Pre-game pump-up song?
My favorite song to listen to before a game is “Till I Collapse” by Eminem.

Y1: Anything else to add?
I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity that the Air Force Academy has given me. I would also like to thank all the people who have helped me get to the point I am at now: all my teammates on my club and high school team, without them I would not be the player I am today, of course all the coaches I have ever had, my family, and everyone who has supported me through my lacrosse career.

Youth1 congratulates Kyle on his commitment to the Air Force Academy and wishes him well in his remaining years at Centreville.



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