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Youth1 Spotlight interview with Class of 2026 RB/LB Parker Johnson

Class of 2026 running back Parker Johnson was able to produce a solid body of work in a limited number of games during the 2021 football season. Johnson, who is listed at 5-8, 178 pounds, carried the football 63 times for 906 yards (14.3 yards per carry/151 rushing yards per game) and 12 touchdowns in six games last season. He also caught two passes for 110 yards and two touchdowns as a receiving option.

Parker also made 13 total tackles during the times he played defense for his eight-grade football team. His love for the game and his determination to get better as a football player is something that first began to grow eight years ago. Parker's older brother indirectly influenced him to take an interest in the sport.

"I went to my brother's practices an I just fell in love with it (football)," said Johnson. "He's my role model and I looked up to him."  The physicality of the game of football also appealed to Johnson. He currently plays both the linebacker and running back positions. Running back is the position that he favors. "I just like getting the football, scoring touchdowns, and trucking people," Johnson said when asked what he likes about playing the running back position.  

Johnson is usually one of the strongest players on the football field and most of that can be attributed to the fact that he lifts weights. Several of the videos that he has posted on his Twitter account show that he's been working hard to become even stronger this offseason. "It helps (weight-lifting) because nobody in eighth-grade usually lifts," Johnson said when asked him lifting weights has helped him as a football player. "You'll be bigger and stronger. It gives you an advantage on the football field." One of his favorite football players is former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch. Johnson like's Lynch's physical style of running and his "ability to run people over." 

Here is what Youth 1's Ryan Oliver had to say about Johnson in his scouting report:

Johnson is a supremely talented runner that shines with the ball in his hands. He's a bruising runner that enjoys running through defenders en route to the endzone. His combination of size and speed is remarkable. Once he hits the open field, he's a bear to bring down. He has breakaway speed to blaze a path to the endzone if given a crease. On defense, he loves laying down a big hit. He's a physical player on both sides of the ball. Johnson is a rising talent that's worth keep a close eye on.

Basketball season recently ended for Johnson and now he's concentrating on his training for football. He says that he works with a speed and agility training. Johnson also watches game-film to study weaknesses in his game. "I like to identify my weaknesses and having the ability to honestly assess those flaws and make the adjustments to do what's needed to get better," said Johnson. He says his goal during his freshman year of high school football is to make the junior varsity team. With his work ethic and great attitude, Johnson has a great chance of achieving that goal this upcoming football season. 

"I lead by example. I'm humble. I have the ability to set my personal accolades aside and focus on the accolades of my team. I know I get overlooked because I play in Ohio. Instead of getting down about it and feeling sorry for myself, I use those moments to work harder."






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