Youth1 now has a Five Star Package for athletes who want it ALL! | Youth1

Youth1 now has a Five Star Package for athletes who want it ALL!

Youth1 is excited to introduce a plan for athletes and their families who want it all. The Youth1 Five Star Package features a level of exposure and concierge service unprecedented in youth and prep sports. 


It capitalizes on our wildly successful platform and benefit offerings that have been putting athletes on the map for over a decade. Get lifetime access to our team of experts who work on your behalf for a true hands-on experience. It's not just media, it's consultative. 


“Families demand more than ever before when it comes to bolstering their efforts in athletics,” said Youth1 President Laura Petrillo. “The landscape and stakes of athlete branding has completely changed over the past year, so we’re extending an unprecedented offering, featuring even more of our successful media benefits for athletes who want to take their game to the next level.”


The Youth1 Five Star Package features the following benefits:


Written Content and Media Blasts: You get an annual Youth1 Spotlight article, the cornerstone of Youth1 branding, plus an additional annual media blast at the time of your choosing to share your most important updates with the world. 

A Video Interview with Multiple Takes: A video interview has been one of Youth1’s most successful and popular offerings over the past two years. The character component of the recruiting process cannot be understated. A Youth1 Video Interview is marquee exposure and media training all in one. Multiple takes ensure that you get not only the best video possible, but the training to help you present yourself to coaches, camp organizers and the media the right way. It’s an instant upgrade to your brand that will carry you into the future. 

Premium Profile: The No. 1 platform for youth and prep athletes, a Youth1 premium profile is home for all your highlight videos, team info, college interests, accomplishments and more. Premium profiles get promoted to our huge social media following weekly, highlighting each important aspect of your profile.

Upgraded Scouting Report: Get a full evaluation and rating from our experts across a variety of categories for your position. The scouting report is published on your Premium Profile and comes with a player grade based on your position-specific skills. This grade gives you a more thorough evaluation and can help you stand out against the competition.

College Matching and Advisement: We know that playing college ball is your dream. Let us help you achieve your goals and make the right decision. We connect you to your top schools.

If you have any questions about how this plan can help you email


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Learn how to become a recruitable student-athlete, find out what colleges you match best with, and get the ability to message college coaches directly with a specialized recruiting package. 

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