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Youth1 Live Evaluations: Skill Positions

Youth1 will be out and about this offseason checking out youth football players at camps and 7v7's. Whether it’s on offense and defense, we will give you our thoughts on prospects that we’ve been able to evaluate in person. It gives us a chance to put the spotlight on players who are already on the radar or who are trying to make a name for themselves.

Today, Youth1 features a few skill-position prospects.

Elias Coke | 6-3 | 190 | PA | 2026

It's clear that Elias Coke is ahead of his peers physically and skills-wise. He played quarterback for his high school's 9th-grade team as an eighth-grader but has performed as a wide receiver at the last three events I've seen him at. He's been improving as a route-runner over the past couple of months. When he gets to the high-school level, Coke has the athleticism to become a good two-way player for his team. He is a strider that was able to easily run past defensive backs at the last camp I saw him at back in March. Coke has good hands, works hard to get better, and is a competitor.

Howard Holton Jr. | 5-5 | 95 | PA | 2028

Howard Holton Jr. is a prospect that you watch and you just label him as a football player. As a sixth-grader going up against older kids at the camp I evaluated him at, it did not overwhelm him at all. In fact, he was one of the best football players there in terms of skill, athleticism, and football IQ. There were two teams where he juked out older linebackers during the running backs vs. linebacker run-game 1v1's. For the passing 1v1s, Holton was a mismatch for anyone trying to guard him. He caught several passes and also looked quick and fluid during positional drills with the running backs. He's mentally ahead of his peers. He's already a student of the game at a young and works harder at his craft than most kids his age. 

Kahden Davis | 5-11 | 180 | NJ | 2027

I've been able to watch Kahden Davis on at least three different occasions at camps over the past year. He's a seasoned veteran on the camp circuit and would have no problem competing with the high school level kids at this point in camp settings. He was skill-wise and mentally ahead of all the middle school quarterbacks at the last camp I saw him at. I was looking to see if there was an improvement since the last time I saw him in January. Despite competing against quarterbacks that may have not been as mechanically sound as him, Davis still competed at a high level. His footwork was the best and his anticipation on his passes was the best among the quarterback group. Davis has grown in confidence over the past year and that has translated to him being unfazed in these camp settings. He delivered a lot of catchable footballs during the passing 1v1's, showcasing his arm strength and accuracy. Kahden Davis is a name that you'll hear a lot during this offseason when it comes to Class of 2027 quarterbacks. 


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