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Top Performers from the 2021 Elite Middle School All Star Game

Feature Image Photo Credit: Nicole Diez


Elite Sports Camps hosted their 8th Annual Elite Middle School All-Star Games over Thanksgiving weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. This event featured some of the best and brightest 7th and 8th grade rising football stars.

Here are the Top Performers according to event organizer, Glenn Deveaux.


The two Most Valuable Award Winners were both members of the East Team

Kane Romano of Jacksonville, North Carolina was like a swiss army knife; he played Defensive  End, Tight End and Kicker. He was all over the field registering sacks, tackles for loss and receptions. 

The other MVP recipient was Ki’Anthony “KD” Smith of Charlotte, North Carolina. Listed as an  Athlete, scored both touchdowns for the East Team; one rushing and the other an interception (Pick 6)! 

Notable top performers:  

Brysen Davies- Linebacker from Newnan, Georgia passed the physical eyeball test and displayed his abilities from the first day of practice.  

Christopher Bishman - Linemen from Havelock, North Carolina made his 6’0” 200 lbs. presence  felt on both sides of the ball. 

Elijah Littlehohn - RB/LB from Gastonia, North Carolina made plays on both sides of the ball and showed promise as a big time player. 

Gordon Sellers III - QB/DB/WR from Charlotte, North Carolina did it all on both sides of the ball. His 6’2” 150 frame offers a huge upside as he continue to high school. 

Nicholas Brooks Jr. - DL from Gretna, Virginia was very coachable and displayed excellent technique and a solid performance. 

Courtland Simmons and Corbin Corum both 7th graders showed promise playing up in competition. Earning invitations participate in the 2022 Elite Middle School All Star Game.


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