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Top 5 Football Cleats for the 2017 Football Season

For the speedy:

A lot of the high-end cleats that you may see on the shelves today are marketed towards “skill” position players. Essentially, if a player touches the ball more than once or twice a game and does not block often then that player is considered a “skill player”. Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are all in this category. Defensive backs are also incorporated in this category of player. “Skill” players often use low cut cleats designed to be light to enable the athletes to move as quickly as possible. Some of the best cleats for skill position players released ahead of this Fall’s season include:

Nike’s Vapor Untouchable 2

Odell Beckham Jr., as well as many other athletes wear these cleats on game day. Nike and their brand of cleats are the most popular in football due to their durability as well as how consistently they deliver quality football equipment. Nike cleats are durable and the newest edition of their Vapor Untouchable series are sure to be another crowd favorite. Older models of the same type of cleat are often available at retailers even years after their release and are also great options at a cheaper price.

Adidas’ ADIZERO 5-Star 6.0

Adidas’ best premium low-cut cleat. Adidas has prided themselves on making cleats that weigh next to nothing and the newest model of their ADIZERO cleats have shown great promise so far. The reviews of this cleat include comments such as “great cleat…I would buy another pair” and “This cleat is the best”. Adidas also does a great job of adding color variations to their cleats in simple designs for those who need to adhere to a team color or dress code.

After low cut cleats there are “mids”. For those who may not know exactly what position they play or even for young players who play several positions, it is hard to go wrong with these cleats. Mid-cut cleats provide stability, durability and comfort without sacrificing too much. While they are bigger and slightly heavier than the popular low-cut cleats, they are still very popular among athletes at all levels.

Nike’s Alpha Menace Elite

These cleats designed by Russel Wilson and are designed for agility. These cleats are an amazing cross between the sturdiness of lineman cleats while still being brilliant cleats for skill players. For linebackers, fullbacks, tight ends and Quarterbacks these cleats would be fantastic.

For the trenches

Down in the trenches, the big boys need all the stability and power that their cleats can provide to assure they are not pushed out of the way with no traction at all. In the past, a lot of options for big boys came at the expense of visually aesthetic choices. You may have bought a quality pair of lineman cleats but they only come in black. Not anymore, as Nike has produced a beautiful pair of cleats for the big men to use while still providing some great color options.

Nike Force Savage Elite

These cleats are some of the most visually pleasing cleats designed specifically for the linemen in football. The reviews on these cleats provide some insight as to how they feel with players commenting that they are “great for the offensive line” and “very comfortable and great ankle support”.

Best value cleats

Nike Vapor Shark 2

While, admittedly, a fair amount of Nike’s cleats are rather expensive, they do have some options that are incredible cost effective. The Nike Vapor Shark series may rank low on the flashiness scale but these cleats are cheap and can last you two seasons if you take care of them. The Vapor Shark 2s can get the job done at the youth level and for a parent who has no desire to commit to a new pair of cleats every season, these cleats may be the solution to all of your problems.


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