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Youth1 Spotlight: Class of 2028 athlete Justin Allen Jr.

Class of 2028 athlete Justin Allen Jr. will be playing football for his middle school, Willowcreek, for the first time ever. He’s a versatile football player who can play on the offensive line, on the defensive line (edge defender) and at linebacker. Given his love for the game of football, it’s not a surprise that Allen is open to playing any position he’s needed at for his team. He showed an interest in the game as a young child. 

“I’m currently in my ninth year of playing football,” Allen said. “I started playing football when I was five years old. My dad introduced me to the game.” Part of that introduction to the game of football including Allen watching “America’s Team”. “I would watch Dallas Cowboys games with my dad. He was also a coach of mine when I played for my Pop Warner football team.”

Before Allen started playing football, he got into playing baseball. He says that he first started playing t-ball when he was four years old for Indiana Bulls North. Allen is a center fielder, third baseman, and a pitcher (right-handed). He gave a detailed answer as to why he likes playing the game of baseball. 

“I love how competitive the game is, and it’s so much different from football,” Allen said. “So much of baseball is mental. I love the 1-on-1 battles you get when you’re hitting or pitching.”

When it comes to battles involving football, Allen has shown during the offseason that he’s not afraid of a challenge. Allen attended Collectively Evolving Middle School Top 100, Indiana Preps Winter Showcase, Prep Redzone Next Midwest Middle School Camp, The Trench King Challenge, NXGN - Dallas, Dream All American Bowl, Brother Rice Summer Camp, & Brother Rice Middle School Combine. He says that attending the camps helped him as become a better football player. 

“Attending these different camps helped me in many ways,” Allen said. First, everywhere I go I’ve always been the bigger kid. When you go to these events, everyone there is the bigger kid. Not being the largest kid really was different for me and brought some new challenges. That’s always a good thing. Also, learning from a lot of different coaches allows me to work on a lot of different things, and find what fits best for my game. I’ve learned a lot of new approaches and techniques because of this. Competing with top talent at these events has really pushed me to be better, and to not settle with where I’m at. I’m always looking to get better at any area of my game. I also learned a lot of habits from talking with other athletes that I’ve been able to incorporate into my life off the field as well. I appreciate having the opportunity to go to these events, learn new things, and make new friendships with coaches and other athletes.”

Speaking of making new friendships, Allen revealed that he will be attending a new school this fall. Part of his goals for the upcoming season involve him adjusting to his new environment both on and off the football field. 

“I’m starting at a new school this year, so I definitely want to learn what I can and be the best student athlete I can be and adjust to the new school,” Allen said. “I want to help my team win however I can and continue having fun playing football. I’m looking forward to getting some sacks and pancakes too. When I’m on the field that’s what I’m hungry for, but I'll do whatever the coaches need me to do.” Allen summed up all his goals in one sentence. 

“Overall, I just want to be the best student-athlete I can be.” 

Youth1 Extra Points on Justin Allen Jr. 

Justin played in the Dream All-American Bowl and says it was a “great opportunity and experience.” The game took place at AT&T Stadium in Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys. He also told Youth1 that the best camp experience that he had was at The Trench King Challenge at THESHOW by NXGN in Atlanta back in June. Allen said that he loved the “competition with other great athletes” in his grade including some with offers. 

Stay tuned to Youth1 for more Spotlight Interviews on some of the top middle school athletes in the nation. 


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