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10 of the best training facilities in the South

The South is a hotbed for football at all levels. By consistently producing top of the class talent, the South makes the overall level of football talent in the country better. While many youth players aspire to be great and their parents wish for the same, the reality is that only a few will move on to the next level. Take the first steps of excelling to the next level today by looking at our list of ten facilities in the South that will take your football game to the next level and get you noticed. 

Six1Five Sports Training – Nashville, Tennessee    

Six1Five’s training staff is elite in every sense of the word. President and strength and conditioning coach, Coach Fitz, has phenomenal experience at the top of the game. In his day, he’s coached the Florida State Seminole Football team and athletes from the University of Notre Dame and Vanderbilt. Their staff also includes coaches who specialize in football and baseball training to ensure that your athlete is excelling in their field. In terms of football, they also position training for any position in addition to holding camps for certain positions. More information can be found on their website.

Elite Sports Camps & Combines - North Carolina

ESCC is a highly regarded organization in North Carolina and is one of the best options for your student-athlete in regards to being prepared mentally and physically for the upcoming school season. ESCC trains athletes aged 11-18 and gets them ready on the field by offering speed and agility training sessions at very affordable prices. ESCC sets themselves apart with their unique stance on SAT/ACT prep courses, which are also offered as a part of their services. Contact Elite Sports Camps and Combines today to get ahead of the competition mentally and physically.



Tampa Sports Academy - Tampa, FL

“Our Athletic Development Program offers the opportunity for youth to train with Tampa Sports Academy’s talented coaches and focus on the principles of linear movement and multi-directional speed, as well as strength and conditioning. We work to teach the young athletes correct mechanics and proper technique to optimize their performance. The program also provides comprehensive testing to highlight athletes’ strengths and weakness to help our coaches provide each athlete with the training and instruction they need.”



Elite Talent Football Academy - Georgia

“We are a company here to help mold athletes and make them become better men in the community. We prepare our students (athletes) through film study and a proprietary training system geared toward each athlete's specific position. We address and correct weaknesses, we prepare athletes for different game related scenarios, we implement specific workouts; speed and quickness drills that help them learn the craft of playing football and leads to better performance on the field. Our program is designed to properly and adequately expose our athletes to local and national media, top caliber training, College Scouts, University visits, and array of sports, academic and higher education scholarships.”


Elite Recruit 300 

This Elite Recruit 300 is one of the most effective ways to get noticed in the sport of football at a young age. In order to gain the recognition you want for your child, you have to put yourself out on the national stage and compete against the best. The main focus of the Elite Recruit 300 combines is to find, evaluate, and give athletes a bigger chance of becoming a college football player. Their combine testing includes the 40-yard dash, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3 – Cone drill/L-drill, 5-10-5 drill and the 60-yard shuttle.


Perfect Performance – Maryland

Perfect Performance is the area leader in complete athlete development for youth (grades 3-8), high school (grades 9-12), college and professional football players. In addition to our speed and strength training, we offer position specific football academies for QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, and DB. Our curriculum is second to none as each session focuses on a particular skill or technique of that position to help the athlete be successful on the field. All of our football coaches have at played college or professional football in the NFL, CFL, or Arena Football. Additionally, we focus on teaching and motivating our athletes to maximize their potential and push them to excellence. If your athlete wants to take his game to the next level, Perfect Performance is the answer.


Velocity STACK Sports Performance & Therapy – Atlanta

Velocity Sports training has trained capable athletes from ages “8-80” and has also prepared NFL hopefuls for their combine testing. The training for young athletes is geared designed to ingrain proper technique and explosive movements into their muscle memory. After age 15, the facility also introduces strength training in order to accelerate the development of their athletes. This institution strongly believes in weight training as an essential piece of being a powerful and healthy student athlete.


Blackwatch Sports Performance – Birmingham, Alabama

Blackwatch is an institution that is well equipped and staffed to handle the needs of any student-athlete. Their personal training options allow for hands on and tailored sports specific training to produce a better athlete. Blackwatch is also very useful for coaches who wish to have their whole team professionally trained at once as they are capable of hosting group sessions.


ATP Speed – Coconut Creek, Florida

ATP Speed offers one-on-one strength and conditioning for specific sports. ATP also noted that they use “extensive workout plans for the athletes including mobility and and corrective exercises, speed enhancing workouts, agility enhancement workout routines, and plyometric routines” in the instruction of young athletes. Multiple speed classes and boot camp clinics are available throughout the summer as well.


Sports Reality Performance Training – Mechanicsville, Virginia

“Sports Reality Performance’s specific goal is to increase explosive strength, speed (acceleration mechanics), and agility (acceleration, deceleration, and reacceleration), and power development (hip rotary power). Athletes will be coached in the weight room to be more efficient in the power clean, squat, and bench press. On the field and track the athlete will be taught proper acceleration and deceleration mechanics (teaching proper body control and change of direction). In addition, prehab-exercises are implemented for athletes to decrease the potential for shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries.” These exercises are all possible due to Sports Reality’s incredible indoor facility.

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