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FBU Atlanta 2015 Top Offensive Performers

This past weekend Football University pulled into the Atlanta area for their annual stop in the Peach State.  In covering FBU camps for several years, this was arguably the best collection of talent at a camp ever put together.  From top to bottom the football ability was very deep with several youth athletes actually being brought up and practicing with the high school athletes.  Normally providing information on the top three at each position, the camp was so talented we recognized the top four (and in some circumstances top five) at each position.  Here’s a look at the top offensive players from the FBU Atlanta.


Harrison Bailey- Class of 2020- Harrison Bailey lived up to expectations at FBU Atlanta by delivering strong throws all weekend. As a rising 8th graders this coming fall, Bailey was hand selected to train with the varsity players for this camp. Bailey impressed during 1 on 1’s, leading receivers open with perfect touch on his way to several scores.

Ross Malmgren- Class of 2019- Malmgren continued his impressive string of recent outings by performing very well during FBU Atlanta. Competing with the high school players, Malmgren rose to the occasion with consistently accurate passes. Malmgren won the FBU Middle School Leadership Award at FBU Atlanta after two excellent days of being a field general on and off the field.

Tee Webb- Class of 2020- Webb at 6’2 has great size for the position and displayed a very big arm for a rising 8th grader. While he has all the physical attributes needed to be a big time varsity quarterback in the coming years, the 1 on 1’s showed a need for timing and decision making improvement. 

Caleb Reis- Class of 2019- Reis had moments on both days of FBU Atlanta where he looked the most impressive middle school QB, but other time struggled to find his target. Reis delivered strong accurate throws on short passes, but his long ball was very inconsistent. Standing 6’3 with a good arm bodes well for the rising freshman’s potential. 

Running Backs

Paris Brown- Class of 2019- Brown had a great camp at FBU Atlanta displaying good footwork and terrific speed.  Brown, a rising freshman in August, has been taking varsity snaps at McEachern high school already and stared in the annual spring game. Paris competed with the high school running backs and held his own very well.

Jeremy Smith- Class of 2019- Jeremy Smith has a chance to be the best running back at the camp if things keep progressing. Smith is 6’1, 175 pounds, and the most versatile running back at FBU Atlanta. Smith is a powerful runner with great speed and hands, displaying incredible talent during 1 on 1’s.

Steele Chambers- Class of 2019- Chambers is versatile running back that caught very well out of the backfield. Steele performed great during positional drills and made some nice effort plays during 1 on 1’s. Chambers is a work horse and it shows even with the pads off.

Lance Wise -Class of 2019- Wise packs a mighty punch at 5’7 and 160lbs. The Hillgrove product performed strongly with the high school backs, showing off his quickness and dangerous first step hauling in passes at FBU Atlanta. Wise isn’t the fastest back, but his release is very quick, displaying excellent bursts during 1 on 1’s.

Michael Robertson- Class of 2020- Robertson is very fast and extremely athletic, making him an offensive weapon already as a rising 8th grader. Robertson had limited amount of action on day 1 due to an injury, but bounced back strongly on day 2 to impress coaches.  At 5’11 and 160 pounds, Robertson has all the potential be one of the best running backs in his class. 

Wide Receiver/Tight End

JD Bertrand- Class of 2019- Bertrand was sensational on both days, showing off all-around versatility he brings to the TE position. 6’1 and 205 lbs of athleticism and natural talent sets Bertrand apart from his counterparts. JD has great speed for a TE and terrific route running skills that he used to put on a show against high school defensive backs during 1 on 1’s.

Brent (BJ) Randolph-Class of 2020- The Alabama native had a strong showing at FBU Atlanta, catching everything in his direction over the two day event. Randolph, 5’11 and 168, used his long frame to grab balls out of the air over smaller defenders. Randolph has continued to look good over the course of May, shining earlier in the month at the in the Born2Compete 7 on 7 tournament.

Taji Johnson- Class of 2020- Johnson has an incredible height advantage over most kids his age at 6’1, and the rising eighth grader makes it look easy out jumping defenders for routine catches each rep. Johnson is fast, athletic, and on his way to being a high profile athlete.

Garrison Manor- Class of 2019- Manor had a strong Sunday at FBU Atlanta, adding his name to the list with big time catches during 1 on 1’s. Manor showed great speed to go along with a good frame for the position. 

Offensive Line

Jackson Ramey- Class of 2020- Ramey pancaked his first defender at FBU Atlanta’s 1 on 1’s, sending a message that he’s a force to be reckoned with. As a rising 8th grader, Ramey is 6’4 and 240 pounds and an absolute load at the tackle position. Ramey has the skills and size needed to be a five star recruit in a few years.

Bulah Nyang- Class of 2019- Bulah had a terrific outing at FBU Atlanta, showing off FBU level footwork and strong hands.. Bulah shined in 1 on 1’s by moving his defender where he wanted with great hand technique. Bulah is an interior lineman continuing to shine heading into his freshman year.

Ty Murray- Class of 2019- Murray showed excellent strength by overpowering his opposition all afternoon. The 6’3, 270lb tackle pancaked more than his share during 1 on 1’s and was able to drive the rest out of play with brute strength.

Mason Napper- Class of 2019- Napper showed great agility in the early going on day one and continued to heat up as FBU Atlanta progressed. Napper has a lengthy frame and is very patient off the line, allowing defenders to come to him instead of overextending. While slightly undersized for the position, Napper makes up for in technique.

Quentin Skinner- Class of 2019- Skinner was very impressive at FBU Atlanta, performing with the high school offensive line both days. At 5’11 and 215lbs, Skinner was able to show a tremendous amount of promise moving forward. He also won the Rubio Long Snapping MVP at FBU Atlanta, showcasing his ability to be a dual threat on the offensive line.  


Written by Youth1 Contributor Cody Butler


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