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Class of 2026 quarterback Angelo Renda wins in his first start

Angelo Renda made the most of an opportunity given to him this past weekend. Renda, a 5-foot-11, 175-pound quarterback who attends Southlake Carroll in Texas, replaced Graham Knowles as the at quarterback this past weekend in their game against Haltom. Knowles is a Class of 2025 quarterback who is committed to play football at Georgia Tech. Renda, who is most likely next in line after Knowles graduates, passed his first test with flying colors. Renda completed 18-of-22 passes for 274 yards and three touchdowns in his team's 66-14 win to help Southlake Carroll improve to 5-0. 


On the first play of his highlights, Renda does a great job of selling the pump-fake to the wide receiver running the bubble screen and getting the safety to bite. He then hit's the X-receiver with a beautiful pass downfield outside of the hashmarks for a 40-yard touchdown pass. The receiver had to wait a little bit but he was so wide open that it didn't really matter.

On his second touchdown pass, Renda's touch and accuracy were on display. The defense is in Cover-2 and the offensive play that's called this time involves the smash concept (combination of routes run by two receivers on the same side of the field). In this case, the corner bit on the hitch route being ran by the outside receiver. That left the corner-route available for Renda. The safety wasn't fast enough to recover and he was able to place the ball in a spot at the back of the end zone where only his wide receiver could get it. Renda did a good job of recognizing the coverage during his pre-snap read and then getting the ball out of his hands quickly after the snap, giving the cornerback little to no chance to recover and make a play. 

The third touchdown features a fade ball thrown by Renda to the wide receiver in the end zone. It's probably a scenario he has practiced plenty of times during practice and in camp settings. Renda sees the wide receiver has one-on-one coverage on the outside and he delivers a fade ball to the receivers outside shoulder for the touchdown. The defensive back had no chance of making the play due to Renda's placement of the football.

In several of his other highlights, the defensive backs are lined up deep in an effort to not give up the deep ball. Renda does a good job of recognizing that and taking what the defensive gives him. This results in him completing several out-routes to the wide receivers in front of the defensive backs. By this point, Renda has shown that he can beat the defense with his arm. He does a good job of not trying to force anything and making the throw that has the biggest chance of ending up as a completion.  

Not a bad day for Renda considering it was his first-ever start at the varsity level. 

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