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Omillio Agard is 2024's premier lockdown Defensive Back

The 2024 class is brimming with elite talent on both sides of the ball. Among the elite in the 2024 class is DB Omillio Agard, who has built a reputation as the best lockdown Corner in his class.

Agard, who was ranked #54 on Youth1's Elite101 last fall as he entered his 8th grade season, has quickly outplayed that ranking. His standout play for Southern Maryland Heat has catapulted Agard to the top of most youth football rankings.

"I am blessed to be named the #1 DB in the class of ‘24 on multiple rankings. I am also ranked as the #1 player on the east coast and the #2 player in the nation," Agard told

"It feels good to know that people acknowledge how good I am. It shows that hard work pays off, but it still doesn’t mean anything when you have to go on the field and compete. I’m still working and getting better to be the best DB In my class for the rest of my football career," he added.

Standing at 5'11 160 lbs., Agard has the ideal size of a budding star at the DB spot. His speed and agility allow him to backpedal smoothly to stick with receivers. His instincts are top notch, as he has a nose for the ball. His long arms allow him to be physical when needed and to get his hands in to break up potential receptions.

When asked about his strengths, Agard was quick to mention the mental aspect of his game.

"I would say my mental aspect of the game is what makes me good at what I do on the field. I play smart before anything," Agard said. 

"Another strength of my game is my technique because to be a DB you need technique to be good on any level, and I feel as if my technique is on a college DB’s level. Then I would say my footwork because as a DB you need fast feet to be great and slow feet don’t eat," he added.

The Philadelphia, PA native plays with loads of confidence and competitiveness, which seeps out when you watch him play. He loves the bright lights and making big plays for his team.

"My favorite part of playing football is when you make a big play and the crowd goes wild," Agard said.

"I love when I get to lockdown a wide receiver the whole game, catch interceptions/pick six, talk trash to the wide receiver, and get in their heads," he added.

Agard's talent has garnered him invites to elite youth showcases such as NextGen's The Show, and the prestigious Under Armour Next Game. 

Agard holds his experience at the UA Next Game in very high regard.

"My UA All American experience was by far my best football experience ever," Agard said.

"We were treated as college kids there and they took care of us. We had a schedule just like how a D1 athlete would have, it was just so fun meeting all the top athletes in the country and getting to know them. This experience was one of a kind and I’ll never forget it," he added.

As he's set to move on to high school, Agard is dedicated to getting better and taking his game to another level. Agard will play at St. Joe's Prep next season.

"I am definitely going to work on getting stronger and faster because I have a legitimate chance to start as a freshman and if I get put out there I don’t want to get pushed around like a rag doll. So I am in the gym everyday getting stronger and I gained 10 pounds during this quarantine," Agard said.

2024 DB Omillio Agard has earned his status as a rising star, but knows there's plenty more work to be done. Agard is a humble, confident, and supremely talented young man who's ready to chase his goals.

"Some of my long term goals are to get plenty of scholarships so my parents won’t have to pay for college and so I can choose any one I want. If we are thinking about after college I want to get to the NFL, be rich, and tell my mom and dad they don’t have to work anymore," Agard said.

"God forbid I don’t make it. I just want to be a great dad to my future kids and wife and make sure they are good."



Youth1 had the pleasure of interviewing Omillio via Zoom. Please check out that interview below.


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