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NextGen's The Show 2018 Rosters Announced

Camp and combine season allows for athletes around the nation to hone their craft and to #GetNoticed by coaches and scouts.

The nation's most talented young athletes are coming to NextGen’s The Show on June 22-24 in Atlanta, GA. 32 States and Canada will be represented in The Show. With the Top 5 states represented being Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Florida, and California.

The Show is one of the nation’s biggest youth football events. It serves as a great showcase for some of the country’s top talents.

Youth1's Football Director, Ryan Oliver, who was a part of the player selection committee will also be at The Show looking for some standout athletes.

The rosters for The Show were recently released. Look below to see who made the cut.

Team Blaze

Team Blast

Team Velocity

Team Tempo

Team Storm

Team Shock

Team Mamba

Team Impact

Team Ice

Team Force

Team Crush

Team Chaos

Team Smoke

Team Flash

Team Future

Team Vapor

Team Savage

*Rosters are subject to change.

For more on the The Show keep it locked on The Show starts on June 22 in Atlanta, GA.


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