Last to nominate 2023s for the Sophomore Spotlight 200 | Youth1

Last to nominate 2023s for the Sophomore Spotlight 200

The Sophomore Spotlight 200 is dropping soon. Don't miss out on a chance to nominate yourself or an athlete you know. 




“We’ve been covering and promoting the best athletes in the class of 2023 since they were in sixth grade, so we know them better than anybody,” said Youth1 President, Laura Petrillo. “Sophomore year can be a tricky time for even the best football players who are trying to earn playing time, put snaps on film and get exposure for themselves. The Sophomore Spotlight 200 gives them the exposure they’re looking for and furthers our authority in prep football.”


The Sophomore Spotlight 200 adds to another age group to Youth1’s already comprehensive repertoire of top prospect reports including the Elite101 for rising 8th graders, Freshman450 for rising freshmen and NextUp watchlist for rising 7th graders. 


 “It truly excites me to be able spotlight these impressive athletes another year into their development,” said Youth1 Football Editor, Ryan Oliver. “Seeing the growth of these dedicated youth athletes from 5th and 6th grade all the way up to the 10th grade, is a joy to follow. The Sophomore Spotlight 200 provides another avenue for athletes to be recognized for the hard work they've put into their respective games.”


The Youth1 launched their top prospect reports with the Elite101 in 2013. The entrants on that list are just now coming of age to be drafted into the NFL, with multiple first round picks having been identified by Youth1’s inaugural list. 


Hundreds of athletes named to Youth1’s top prospect reports have gone on to play football at the highlights level for top DI college programs. 


We'll be announcing an official release date for the Sophomore Spotlight 200 and our other top prospect reports soon. 


Go HERE Pre-Order the Sophomore Spotlight 200 and our other Top Prospect Reports 


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