Freshman450 Spotlight: 2025 QB Tagg Harrison | Youth1

Freshman450 Spotlight: 2025 QB Tagg Harrison

With the 2021 edition of Youth1's Freshman450 just around the corner, we decided to spotlight some of the standout athletes from the list. This year's edition features the extremely talented class of 2025.

The Freshman450 is brimming with elite athletes that will be playing D1 football at some of the major collegiate programs around the nation very soon.

Today's Freshman450 spotlight athlete is 2025 QB Tagg Harrison.

Harrison is currently tearing up the west coast scene. The Westlake Village native is starting on Varsity as a Freshman for Pacifica HS, and is dominating at a high level. He was ranked #35 on our Elite101 last year as an 8th grader.

Back when I completed a Scouting Report for Tagg, I wrote the following about him.

"Harrison is one of 2025's elite gunslingers. Harrison is a supreme passer with the ability to deliver the ball with pinpoint accuracy. His throwing mechanics are well beyond his years, which allows him to make tough passes other QBs his age typically struggle with. He has the awareness to evade rushers when pressed while keeping his eyes downfield to deliver a strike. Harrison shines when throwing the deep ball. His ability to drop the ball in the perfect spot for his receiver is remarkable. Harrison is also a threat to move the chains with his legs on read-option plays, or if the play breaks down. He is a real athlete."

Check out his latest film below.

Tagg is just one of the many elite athletes featured on the upcoming edition of the Freshman450. 

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