Class of 2027 athlete DJ Rumph turns in another MVP performance at The SHOW | Youth1

Class of 2027 athlete DJ Rumph turns in another MVP performance at The SHOW

Class of 2027 athlete DJ Rumph has been wildly successful in his pursuit of getting exposure during the offseason. The 6-foot, 170-pound defensive lineman out of Georgia, has won several MVP awards at several camps during this offseason. Rumph recently participated in the Trench King Challenge event at The SHOW by NextGen in late June and made it to the finals. He mostly plays in the inside of the defensive line based on the game-highlights that I watched. However, Rumph lined up on the edge during the TKC and looked like a natural. He was able to win three MVP medals during the TKC. He won a medal for one segment of the camp, a medal during the TKC Finals, and a medal for Academic Excellence. Rumph earned a 4.0 grade point average last school year. 

Here is Youth1's Ryan Oliver's scouting report on Rumph:

Rumph is relentless in pursuit of the ball as a Defensive Lineman. Once the ball is snapped, he flies off the line as he pursues the Quarterback. He has a pretty quick first step. Rumph is a physical athlete that uses his strength to bully opposing lineman. Once he gets his hands on the ball-carrier, he makes a tackle to end the play. His ability to shed his blocker, and make a play on the ball-carrier is remarkable. He loves laying down big hits.

Rumph spoke with Youth1 about his experience at The SHOW by NextGen.

Rumph on what he learned about himself at The SHOW:

"God is with me on the field. Adversity if my best friend. Everything is mental." 

Rump on what he'll continue to work on getting better at during the rest of this offseason:

"Strength, explosiveness, and speed." 

Rumph's overall thoughts on The SHOW and how the event impacted him:

"The Show was like family to me. From the top to the coaches training me. They inspired me to understand that I can face anyone from any state and still be able to dominate if I just have faith. I got more motivational encouragement to keep fighting on top of the physical training. I have been through a lot and I learned to keep pressing forward because the pressure in the beginning is only mental. When you face them and your hand is in the dirt that’s when you handle your opponent like you have to handle life. Don’t let anyone in the way, use your training, learn from your mistakes, and be prepared for any unexpected battle ahead of you that may try to stop you from getting to that sack, or that goal you have."


Rumph is already a seasoned camper and has even started to get interest from Division I schools. He has won 11 total MVP's during this offseason and his looking to earn his 12th this upcoming weekend at FBU Top Gun. 



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