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2023 QB Sterling Smith shines at the Diamond All-American Bowl

Among the talented athletes from 2023 class, Sterling Smith is perhaps one of the most entertaining to watch. Smith is a smooth QB with the ability to make big plays with his arm and quick feet to make something out of nothing when the play breaks down.

At 5'1" 100 lbs., Smith will never get confused for a dominating physical presence, however his talent and leadership are more than enough to make him a standout athlete on the football field.

Smith, who hails from Fishers, Indiana, has continued to impress on the field allowing coaches and scouts around the country to see his talent and potential.

On New Year's Eve 2017 in Virginia Beach, Smith participated in the Diamond All-American Bowl in 7th Grade Blue vs. Red matchup, as a member of the Red Team. The Diamond All-American Bowl is an annual event hosted by the Diamond Sports Group, where some of the nation's most talented youth football players gather to compete. Being invited to compete in these games means you are among the crème of the crop.

For Smith, this was his 3rd Diamond experience, and one that he's very grateful for.

"Diamond was a great experience. Diamond awards academic achievement and gives football players exposure who might be from small town areas and aren’t getting opportunities to grow and get attention. I like the atmosphere and culture at Diamond. It’s hype and fun!" Smith said.

"Diamond gave me a chance to branch out and meet other competitors and talented players around the country. This program gives me a chance to see who else in the country can compete with me, and it gives me a reason to keep working," he added.

Smith, who is affectionately known as Stu Money or Stu$, is money as a dual-threat QB. Give him time to throw the ball in the pocket and he'll find an opening in the defense then deliver a strike. If the play breaks down, Smith will move out the pocket and makes his way downfield. Once he hits the open field Smith is hard to get down, as he'll use his quickness to slither away from tacklers.

He was able to showcase his skills at the Diamond All-American Bowl and was very pleased with his play.

"I personally feel like I balled out at the event. I had some great passes and a couple first downs rushing. I was a leader on my team and made sure everyone had the same goal. (Winning) I was coming back from a broken ankle during my season, so rushing for extra points and first downs gave me confidence to be the old Stu$," Smith said.

"The most challenging part of the event was building a bond between myself and receivers. It is hard to build chemistry and timing in only a short couple of days," he added.

Smith has built a reputation for his ability to do it all on the field. As he continues to mature as an athlete he is understanding more and more that it's okay to let his teammates share some of the burden.

"I used to be the player that threw all the touchdowns, ran all the touchdowns, and led the team in tackles. I was never used to taking a break for water, or even coming off the field," Smith said of his progression.

"This year I am realizing that it is normal to have teammates that will help me out, and I am progressing as a leader, progressing in zone reads, and being able to read the defense to pass down the field. I work with my QB trainer constantly on footwork and ball placement," he added.

After a stellar performance in the Diamond All-American Bowl, Smith is ready to get back at it, as he will participate in the Diamond Elite All-American East v. West Game in Las Vegas. That event begins on January 12th.

"I call these “business trips” and I am always grateful for the opportunity to get reps and build my skills," Smith said.

"I stay prepared and have been in the gym working speed and agility since VA Beach, so I am ready to go. I’m always excited to see my friends and to meet new players. It’s exciting to have so many elite players come together in one event to show their talent."

Aside from his talent on the football field, Smith is also a stud in the classroom.

"I am taking double-advanced math (9th Grade Algebra) and Honors Science and English (8th grade curriculum) as a 7th grader. I have straight A’s in these classes, which would be above a 4.0 weighted G.P.A. I feel proud of my accomplishments in double-advanced math."

"I work really hard in that class and just like I train privately for sports, I work with a tutor to be advanced in academics. My grade in this class goes on my high school transcript. So, I earned my first high school credits as a 7th grader this year!"

2023 QB Sterling Smith (AKA Stu Money) is an exciting dual-threat QB with superb talent and leadership skills. He's just got a winning demeanor. After an impressive performance at the Diamond All-American Bowl, Smith is ready for another standout performance at the Diamond East v. West Game in Las Vegas starting on the 12th.


For more on Sterling Smith, view his Youth1 Player Profile -> here.

Check out some of his highlights below.


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