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2023 Dual-Threat QB Sterling Smith uses his leadership and amazing talent to takeover games

A quarterback that can use both his arm and his feet to takeover a game has proven time and time again to be too much for most defenses to contain. The ability to drop dimes from the pockets and torment defenders in the open field is a lethal combination for a QB.

Class of 2023 QB/DB Sterling Smith is a talented young quarterback with a sweet throwing arm and sweet feet to match. Standing at 5'0, 86 lbs., Smith can pick you apart if given time to throw. Once he drops back in the pocket, he has the ability to quickly locate his first read. Once he sees an adequate throwing lane, he drops the ball in perfectly.

"I play quarterback and defensive back. At QB, I enjoy setting up the offense to make big plays and making sure everyone gets a chance to shine. I enjoy making clutch plays," Smith said.

Smith is most lethal running plays out of the shotgun formation. He’s absolutely deadly when running the read option. His ability to run the ball from the QB position forces defenses to hesitate while determining whether it's a pass or run play. That moment of hesitation is all Smith needs to exploit the defense.

Watching Smith in the open field with the football is a treat. He uses an array of moves to create openings for himself as he evades defenders.

"My football IQ has gotten higher. I have become smarter in making decisions. I have learned to run a Read Option offense and act as an offensive coordinator on the field. I’ve learned a route tree," Smith said.

"As a player in a leadership position, I have grown and learned to bring my team up by using positive words and not making them feel low."

Smith's leadership from the QB position has played a major role in his success. As the leader of the Team Indiana 6th grade team, Smith has been entrusted by his Head Coach Marcus Cole to run the team. 

"Smith ran the Read Option, Belly Option, and passed the ball with accuracy the entire game," Coach Cole said recalling the highlight of the year from his team's season.

"Sterling scored from running, passing, kick off return, and made interceptions on defense to lead Team Indiana to the single biggest upset of the entire tournament."

As mentioned by Coach Cole, Smith's impact on the field is not limited to offense. The Fishers, IN native is also a playmaker on special teams as well as on defense.

"Even though I play QB, one of my favorite parts of playing football is hitting people at DB," Smith said.

"I enjoy shutting down big time offenses, making the hits, and reading the play."

Making plays is second nature for Smith. Whether he's at quarterback, playing defense, or making electrifying kick returns, if Smith is on the field the opposition better be on their p's and q's.

Smith is already a terrific young talent, but he refuses to be satisfied. He's dedicated to finding ways to take his game to new heights. 

"This spring and summer are about working to improve my strength to increase my speed. I want to add more power to my game with increased strength and plyometric training," Smith said.

"I plan on working on strength, speed and continued leadership training. I plan to continue to work on throwing accuracy and form with my QB coach, Coach Levar. At DB, I will continue to work on faster breaks on the ball, catching the ball at its highest point; quicker hip flip and a faster back pedal."

Smith has a busy spring in store, as he'll be participating in NextGen's The Show, the 2017 Diamond Sports Group All-American Spring Game, and was invited to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy Camp in Canton, Ohio.

In his own words, some of Smith's strengths on the field include his throwing range, field vision, agility and speed, and his leadership, among others.

For now, Sterling Smith remains one of the most impressive Class of 2023 athletes in the country. Not only is he impressive on the field, but he's also balling in the classroom averaging a 4.0 GPA.

Smith is a dual-threat QB on the rise and a leader for his teammates.

"Part of motivating my teammates is telling them they are better than the other team and that they can play as good as I know they can play," Smith said.


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