2023 QB Reese Mooney is one the south's best youth passers | Youth1

2023 QB Reese Mooney is one the south's best youth passers

The south is a hotbed for highly talented youth football players. Hailing from the state of Louisiana is 2023 QB Reese Mooney, who is among the premier youth QBs from his region.

The 5'10", 155 pound gunslinger is as cool as they come from the quarterback position. He's confident in his ability to deliver a throw into a tight area. His competitiveness helps him lead his team.

More than anything, Mooney wants to lead his team to wins.

"Being competitive, being a leader and someone my teammates can look up too. I love trying to lead my team to wins," Mooney said.

The Denham Springs, LA native is a smooth passer from the pocket with the ability to make all the throws. He can throw a dime on a deep ball using his strong arm, or deliver a perfectly accurate pass into a tight window across the middle. His arm strength and accuracy are beyond his years.

His mechanics are sound. His feet are in sync with his arm, allowing him to get real velocity and accuracy on his throws.

"I feel I have good accuracy when throwing the long ball. I usually throw tight spirals. I feel I am good with my teammates and keep my cool in bad situations," Mooney said of his strengths, 

Mooney currently serves as the QB of the South Side Junior High Football team. He's off to a fantastic start so far this season.

"I recently threw for 215 yards in a game and 3 TD’s. On the season I have 890 yards passing with 10 TD’s. I also have thrown 4 INT’s," Mooney said.

As he continues to progress, Mooney is focused on tightening up a few areas of his game in particular.

"Speed and getting stronger. I just recently started lifting weights," he said of areas of improvement.

"I have to learn to start taking off and running. I am not slow but I sometimes sit in the pocket to long. I am learning to read defenses more rather just throw it up for grabs," he added.

Mooney prides himself in his ability to lead his team. He models his game after a pro he sees great leadership in.

"Baker Mayfield. He plays so hard and he stays hyped up. He is a leader and a great player," Mooney said.

Aside from football Mooney is also a star on the Baseball field, where he plays Shortstop.

"I played on the number one baseball team in the US last year we won 71 games. I played SS for that team. Louisiana Sox," Mooney said.

He'll be playing Select Major level baseball with Team Louisiana next summer in addition to his football training.

2023 QB Reese Mooney is talented young QB that has quietly become one of the south's best youth passers. With his supreme arm strength and accuracy, Mooney is a 2023 athlete to keep tabs on going forward.


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View his highlights below.


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