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Three ways to prevent ankle injuries

Whether you’re a sprinter, a thrower or a jumper, at some point in time you will feel the effects of a long track and field season on your ankles and nursing your feet throughout the season is key if you want to remain healthy. As a young athlete, learning how to take care of your body now is...
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How To Throw The Discus With Bryan Clay

Bryan Clay won the Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the Track & Field competition.

Aspects of the High Jump: High Jump Tips

Jamie Nieto competed in the 2004 Olympics placing fourth jumping 2.34 meters which translates to 7ft 8inches.

Blake Griffin Trains with Carmelita Jeter

Blake Griffin is the starting power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers and a NBA superstar. Griffin’s stardom is well deserved on the court posting a career average of 21.5 PPG, 9.6 RPG and 4 APG....

Willie Banks and The Importance of Accurate Strides

Willie Banks is an American athlete who set the world record for the triple jump in 1985 with a length of 17.97m. Banks is a Track and Field living legend having participated in the 1980, 1984 and...

Jamie Nieto on Developing Talent Over Time

Jamie Nieto is an American high jumper best known for his performance in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Nieto took first in the 2004 Olympic trials and fourth overall in the Games with a personal...

Different Running Strides With Khadevis Robinson

Khadevis Robinson’s track record is well documented. In his previous video Robinson discussed the type of mental focus needed to be successful in sports and life

Khadevis Robinson and The Importance Of Setting Goals

Khadevis Robinson is a retried American Olympic athlete best known for running the 800-meter dash. Robinson attended college at Texas Christian University were he was a multiple time Conference...