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Three ways to prevent ankle injuries

Whether you’re a sprinter, a thrower or a jumper, at some point in time you will feel the effects of a long track and field season on your ankles and nursing your feet throughout the season is key if you want to remain healthy. As a young athlete, learning how to take care of your body now is crucial so you can have a lengthy career on the track.


Track and field recovery is a lengthy process. You will spend a lot of time taking ice baths and while it’s nothing close to a day at the spa, you will feel ten times better. Ice is and has been a longstanding method of treatment for many athletes. Although plunging into cold water doesn’t sound exciting, there’s no deny the power it has to heal your muscles.

For more information on ice baths and why it is so beneficial, visit


Those shiny adidas you’ve been begging your parents to buy you may not be the best fit for you. Sure they match your team uniform, but as a track athlete, it’s imperative you have the right grip around your ankle to support your runs. If your shoes are too tight, the added pressure will build up over time. If your shoes are too loose, you will put more (and unnecessary) pressure on your ankles as you run. Click on the link below to learn more about which pair of spikes are the best for you:


It’s only natural as an athlete to want to work until you have nothing left to give, but when your feet and ankles are the No. 1 source for your success, you have to know when to say no and give your body a break. You can drink all the recovery drinks in the world but eventually the soreness will catch up to you. Remember, your ankles bear the brunt of most of the impact, but you also need your feet to get through everyday things such as simply walking to school or going up and down the stairs in your house. You may not think that extra movement can cripple your recovery, but every step adds up over time. As a track athlete, staying off your feet is crucial if you want to recover fast.

Here’s a great video with a few workouts that will keep your ankles (and your feet) nice and strong.




All-in-all, the main goal here is to have a solid regime to follow. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be one step ahead of the pack!




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