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Top Performers from our first girl's soccer Y1ACT

The Y1ACT made it’s first foray into the world’s most popular sport in Indiana with the help of one of our amazing testing partners, Aces Nation. This event was not only our first in soccer, but also our first test that featured girls. And they did not disappoint. 

Here are the top girl's marks for the Y1ACT at the combine. They also represent the current high marks nationally for the girl's Y1ACT.

The standout of the day was Ava Jaime, who finished with the best mark in two events, and finished in the top 10 in each event. 


Weave Agility Drill with Ball 

Ava Jaime - 9.241

Olivia Enyeart - 9.261

Morgan Catchur - 9.47

Jenna Frey - 9.553

Bernice Zepeda - 9.943

Keeley Depel - 9.973

Mackensey Parker - 110.075

Magdalina Shultz - 10.702

Isabella Latinovic - 10.71

Jessica Depner - 10.9


Weave Agility Without Ball

Ava Jaime 6.641

Jenna Frey - 6.682

Erin Harrison - 6.943

Morgan Catchur 7.13

Ava Gutyan - 7.299

Keeley Depel - 7.322

Olivia Enyeart - 7.361

Jessica Depner - 7.383

Isabella Latinovic - 7.409


Ball Speed

Morgan Catchur - 58

Mackensey Parker - 54

Amy Boyak - 53

Keeley Depel - 52

Olivia Enyeart - 49

Ava Jaime - 49

Nicole Groceman - 49

Justyna Podczerwinski - 48

Erin Harrison - 47


5-10-5 Shuttle

Ava Jaime - 5.122

Bernice Zepeda - 5.157

Amy Boynak - 5.294

Keeley Depel - 5.301

Jenna Frey - 5.366

Nicole Groceman - 5.384

Ava Gutyan - 5.405

Mackensey Parker - 5.465




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