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Top 6 soccer cleats for 2017

Selecting a new pair of cleats can be an exciting process for players. With all of the flashy colors and extravagant names of cleats today it’s easy to forget the most important aspect of selecting your footwear; maximizing your performance on the field. To maximize your performance you need a pair of cleats that match the requirements of your style of play.

With so much technology going into manufacturing new and improved footwear whether your game is built on speed, control, toughness, or technique, there is a pair of cleats out there tailored to your specific needs.


Nike Mercurial Superfly V

When it comes to players who are looking to exploit their superior speed the Nike Mercurial Superfly V reigns supreme. The Nike Mercurial Superfly V is designed to maximize players’ speed giving them a leg up on the competition. Weighing in at 6.5 ounces, the Mercurials weigh .4 ounces less than their Adidas counterparts, the Adidas Purespeed. This is in large part due to the patented lightweight Flyknit body and the new base of the shoe. Rather than using a carbon fiber sole like most cleats, the Mercurials Superfly V’s are made with a compressed nylon, making them 40% lighter than previous models. The lightweight build allows players to accelerate and reach their top speed faster than ever before.

Adidas Purecontrol

If your game is predicated on precise ball control and technique the Adidas Purecontrol is great fit.  These cleats are engineered to help players dictate the flow of the game by providing them with exceptional command when the ball is at their feet. The slip-on design gives players a better feel for the ball and eliminates traditional laces from affecting your touch. Adidas uses a thin layer of raised dots on the cleats surface, or as they call it “Non Stop Grip” technology, to create friction and help the ball stick to the player's foot in tight on-the-field situations.


Puma evoPower Vigor

The Puma evoPower Vigor is one of the most versatile cleats on the market. Puma designed the evoPower for players who are willing to fly into tackles and win the ball back for their team. EvoPower provides players with a rare combination of structure and agility, protecting players while allowing for close control and quick change of direction.

Adidas Messi 16+ Pureagility

The Adidas Messi 16+ Pureagility cleats are constructed to boost players quickness and change of direction. The streamline cleat provides a snug, yet comfortable fit, allows players to move their feet freely for sharp cuts and swift change of direction. The laces of the cleat are covered by a scale-like hood in order to provide players with a consistently impressive touch over the course of a game.


Nike Tiempo Legend VII

The first version of the Nike Tiempo made its debut in 1984. After a long hiatus the cleat returned in 2013 and now the newest version, the Tiempo Legend VI, is one of the best cleats available. The Tiempo Legend VI is truly a classic cleat in the modern game. Unlike many other top cleats who have pivoted to synthetic material, the Tiempo is still made with real kangaroo leather. The old school leather build combined with new technology has delivers the highest level of comfort and performance.


Nike Hypervenom Phantom III

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III are tailor made for goal scorers. The laces are offset to create a larger area for players to strike the ball with accuracy and power. Nike calls this area the “strike zone”. For the first time the entire upper portion of the Nike Hypervenoms is composed of a one piece flyknit material, similar to the ultra lightweight Nike Mercurials. Despite its new flyknit body, the Hypervenom IIIs stay true to Hypervenoms of the past in terms of diamond shaped foam pods that cover the cleats surface. In areas of the cleat typically used for control the pods are hollow, allowing for a gentle touch, while pods in the strike zone are solid in order to enhance power.


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