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U14 Boys Soccer National Rankings

The fall season is been well underway so here are the top U14 Boys soccer teams in the nation. The states that are represented include Arizona with two teams. California with two teams and the rest including Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Nevada and Massachusetts.




Coming in at number one is Albion SC from the state of California. They are currently holding a record of 22 wins, six draws and six losses. Their top performance came in the California-South state championship in which they took home the title of state champs. Albion have also been named the number one team in the world which puts them in a league of their own.


#2 NEFC BOYS 2003 NPL (MA)

At number two is NEFC from Massachusetts. NEFC took home the US Club national championship this summer and have not looked back during this fall season. They are riding an impressive record of 41 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. This past September, they finished as champions of the FC Stars Cup taking home the trophy with a decisive 1-0 victory over East Meadow SC.




At number three in the rankings are Virginia’s top team, the LMVSC Patriots. The Patriots have had an excellent fall season thus far having won 27 games and only losing three. This month they took home the CCL Generation adidas Club Invitational over several top teams proving their elite status as a top five club soccer team.




Coming in at number four are the Celtic Boys from New Jersey. Mercer FC have steadily risen up the ranks as one of Jersey’s top teams over this past summer and fall. With a record of 32 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses it is quite easy to see why this team is for real. Champions of the EDP League in the summer, Mercer FC have taken the fall with momentum with a semi-finalist finish in the EDP Fall Classic. They hope to continue this momentum in the coming months as the fall season winds down.


#5 FC USA 2003 (MD)


FC USA comes in at number five on the list representing the state of Maryland. FC USA have seen recent success this summer and fall with several trophies and finalist finishes. Maryland is a true battleground for soccer as several top teams across the country ply their trade in the state. FC USA have met this challenges and excelled at them showcasing their true elite status. With a record of 28 wins, 7 draws and 9 losses, it is hard to argue that this team is for real.




At number six, it is Nevada’s own Las Vegas Soccer Academy. LVSA have been a star in Nevada and are still going strong till this day with a fantastic summer and fall showing. This past October, they came away as champions of the Arsenal Challenge and the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup proving their worth as a top ten nationwide team. With 35 wins under their belt, LVSA is ready to put Nevada on the map.




From the state of California, the Turlock Tornados have run rampant in northern California. With an eye-opening 47 wins this year and several championships, they are quickly making a name for themselves in the Golden State. This past September, the Tornados took part in the Champions Cup, an elite tournament containing the teams from the California-North. The team from Turlock showed no mercy as they ran rampant throughout the tournament  and came away as champions in a 3-2 victory over Monarcas Academy in the final.




From the sunny state of Arizona, the CCV Stars have had a great year and have put the state of Arizona in the spotlight, From their finalist appearance in the Arizona state championship to flexing their muscles at the Arsenal Challenge leading to a semifinal appearance for the club, it has been a statement year from the Stars. With performances like these coming easy to this team, the rest of Arizona would be smart to take notice.




From the city of Scottsdale, the Blackhawks have been on quite a run throughout the year of 2016. From a first place finish in the AZ League this past September, to being finalists in the state championship, the Blackhawks are making a statement as one of Arizona’s top clubs. Coming with a record of 32 wins, two draws, and 14 losses there is little to no doubt that the club from Scottsdale will be in the spotlight for years to come.




From the Sunshine State, the Boynton Beach Knights have been a roll as the top team in Florida this year. With 42 wins to show for it, the Knights have had several  high-profile victories throughout the year. They are currently holding second place in the Florida State Premier League and are looking to continue their winning ways into the coming years.


By Sean Ahern


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