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Vote for the best soccer ball on the market

Can I kick it? Yes you can. 

For this month's "Best of" for soccer we're taking a look at the balls themselves. 

We've rounded up 10 of the most popular and highly regarded balls on the market for this month's nominees. Now YOU decide which balls are the best.

Voting will run for the next two weeks, so make sure your voice is heard by voting for the best soccer ball!

The nominees are...


Adidas Conext 

This ball gained notoriety when it was named the official match ball of the 2015 women’s world cup. According to “the Conext features six interlocking panels to increase its flight speed and retain its roundness. They are thermally bonded so intricately to keep the ball the same weight and structure even in rainy, wet conditions. With its deep, yet smooth seams, the Conext takes a steady and fluid trek through the air, increasing the accuracy of flighted passes.”


Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball 

If you show up at any soccer park across the country you’re bound to see this classic in action. It’s affordable, reliable, durable, making it the perfect ball to stock up on if you’re a youth coach.


Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball 

This is another affordable and durable ball. With a traditional 32-panel design, machine-stitched TPU and reinforced rubber the Aerow Team Soccer Ball can take a beating and keep on kicking.


Adidas Euro 16 Top Glider Ball 

This ball comes in under $50. Adidas boasts this ball to have the touch and control of their high end models with a more reasonable price tag.


Nike Premiere League Strike Football 

This is one of the best selling soccer ball in the world. There is a lengthy list of great reviews for this ball. If you have a young team it will save your wallet while also providing a slick professional look, too.


Under Armour Desafio 395 

The Desafio promises versatility and if your team has practices after dusk you won’t lose this one.  According to Under Armour, the Desafio delivers excellent feel and a soft touch


Mikasa FT5 Goal Master Soccer Ball 

According to, the FT5 is extremely popular among soccer players at all levels due to its overall feel, responsiveness and ability to hold its shape.


Brine Voracity Soccer Ball hails the Brine Voracity as one of the most popular Brine balls stating that it maintains strong air retention. “It has also a Tru-Bounce Butly bladder which increases softness of the ball. It’s available for a lower price than Brine Championship.”


Adidas Messi Soccer Ball 

What more do you need than an endorsement from one of the greatest players of all time?


Nike Ordem 3 

This was Nike’s official ball for the 2015-2016 season for the English, Spanish and Italian Premiere leagues. It’s $129.99, but if you’re an elite player and you’re looking for the best in performance and durability you want the gold standard in match balls.


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