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The top 6 Oregon youth soccer clubs

FC Portland Academy      

FC Portland Academy, a Nike Premier Club, is a world-class development club that provides youth with personal growth on and off the field. Training sessions are geared toward the overall development of Academy members as individual players, focusing primarily on tactics and technical skills.

The boys U14 B2003 Navy team has a 10-2-5 record took first place in 2016’s PTT Fall League-Premier Green, fifth in the PTT Spring League-Premier Green and were finalists in this year’s Presidents’ Day Tournament - Premier White and the 2016 Oswego Nike Cup.

“They’re a hard-working squad,” said coach Michael Jamieson. “They always come to practice with smiles on their faces.”

Jamieson noted that the program has talented, D-license coaches who were longtime college soccer players and enjoy teaching the kids.

"We have coaches with great experience,” he said. “They pass it down to our players.”

The U12 05B Navy 12 squad is another successful part of FC Portland Soccer Academy “I see similarities in them―they’re both hard-working teams,” said coach Michael Jamieson. The talented team has notched a 13-1-4 record while winning the 2016 PCU Summer Classic and Oswego Nike Cup, and they were finalists in this year’s Desert Classic premier tournament.

They play the brand of soccer that FC Portland likes,” Jamieson noted, adding that the 05B team excels at a possession style of play.  


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Global Premier Soccer

Portland’s Global Premier Soccer (GPS) Oregon is the exclusive youth soccer partner of FC Bayern Munich and one of the largest and most successful soccer organizations in the country, with branches across the U.S., Canada and beyond.

Their Girls U14 03G Elite team won the 2016 soccerloco San Diego Surf Cup tournament and the 2016 Oregon State Cup, in addition to placing first in the PTT Fall League-Premier Red and second in the PTT Spring League-Premier Red. They have an 11-2-3 record with a hearty 6.14 goal ratio.

 “I love that [the kids] are completely selfless,” said GPS general manager and coach MJ Tate. “They have respect for the brand and badges―it’s ‘we’ and not ‘I.’ There are life lessons of honor and principals.

“The kids are humble and teachable,” he added. “They always shake hands with the coaches, players and officials―at practice and at games.”

Academia de Futeboltraining 

The Academia de Futeboltraining, based in Portland, has a motto that is three simple but important words: creativity, discipline and respect. The program has helped more than 400 players develop and improve their playing, while numerous attendees have gone on to ODP, D1 College, MLS Academy and professional careers.

The boys’ U13 ADF 04 team is the top-ranked U13 team in the state, which is a result of the organization’s focus on teaching the most important aspects of an individual player’s development. The team boasts a 9-1-4 record with a goal ratio of 2.0.

“Our focus is on technical training—that’s why we have success against teams,” said ADF founder and manager Joaquim Capuia. “We really make sure that the kids are technically sound and instill that in them.

“We really push the kids,” he noted. “We try to mimic what the professionals do, and they buy into it.”


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Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club 

 The primary goal at Bend’s Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club is to encourage its student-athletes to meet future challenges on the field and in society, while developing individual players to fit into the team concept. “They’re learning lessons in sports and applying them in real-life situations,” explained coach Cris Lewis. “I encourage them to be their own destiny.”

The girls U13 Selenium 1 team was champions of the 2016 USCS Northwest Regional and Oregon State Cup, as well as winning first place in last year’s PTT Spring League-Premier Red and third in the PTT Fall League-Premier. Coach Lewis noted that the team’s tournament triumphs and 8-1-7 record are due to them being together for a while, as well as their drive to win.   

“The strength of our team is that we have a really motivated group,” she said. “They’re also very competitive―I like that, because I was the same [at their age].”


Crossfire Oregon Soccer Club 

The Crossfire Oregon Soccer Club in Portland strives to provide the most qualified and dedicated soccer coaching staff in the Pacific Northwest, which includes current and former collegiate, professional and international soccer coaches, as well as players, among its ranks. It is in partnership with Crossfi­re Premier Soccer Club, based in Redmond, Washington.

The U12 girls U12 05 team is the top-ranked team in the state, boasting an impressive 18-0-2 record along with a hair-raising 9.0 goal ratio, netting 72 while allowing only 8. They were champions of the 2016 Oswego Nike Cup and 2016 PCU Summer Classic, finished second in the PTT Fall League-Premier Red and were semifinalists in the 2016 Delta Crossfire Challenge. Coach Kevin Legg believes that Crossfire’s renowned reputation attracts talented, determined players who love the game.

“We were able to get the top players in the area to come together and play on one team,” he said. “You do not see this until the ECNL [Elite Clubs National League]-level age, so to have this happen at a younger age is beneficial.

“We have a full team of girls that want to win and will work hard to succeed,” he continued. “We are very talented across the board; when training they are competing against competitive players―that is only going to bring the best out of each player. “

Northeast United Soccer Club 

Portland’s Northeast United Soccer Club - PDX is committed to providing every player with an opportunity to succeed, creating an environment that fits every player’s long-term development needs, whether it’s a college destination or a way to stay active. NEU-PDX is also a supporter of the Portland soccer community.

Their PDX Boys U11 06B White U11 06B White team was champions of the 2016 PCU Summer Classic. Led by coach Mark Verna, they currently have a 7-1-3 record. Verna noted that the club stresses development-focused skills for each player, such as ball control or reacting to ever-changing game situations.

“We work on individual responsibilities―developing game intelligence,” he said. “We can start to put everything together so they can play at different levels. Winning follows playing good soccer.

“It’s important to start developing kids when they’re very young” Verna added. “Sometimes [game intelligence] isn’t going to show until they’re older.”

While gaining victories is a plus, Verna has another goal. “Winning isn’t as important as developing good kids,” he said. 

Their girls U11 06G White team is experiencing similar success as the boys U11 06B team, with an 8-1-5 record. The top-ranked girls team won the 2016 Bend Premier Cup and look to compete in more. Coach Manolis Tjuanakis explained the team’s success: “We teach the fundamentals—from dribbling to passing so they can handle the ball.”

The 06G White team has the added advantage of being versatile. “I like how they play multiple positions on the field,” Tjuanakis noted. “We move them around.”

The coach is also pleased with the girls’ commitment. “They really love the game—even through the wind and rain,” he said. If it’s 35 degrees out, and the girls show up [for practice]. It’s very impressive.

“It’s very family-oriented, like a neighborhood club,” Tjuanakis said. “I love that.”


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