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4 life lessons a lacrosse All American learned from playing sports

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Choosing what direction you should take your career is most often a difficult one. For Hannah Hinsch, her decision was easily made as a tribute to how she spent her summers.


Every July, the top lacrosse prospects compete at the National Lacrosse Classic put on by LEGACY Global Sports.


“It’s such a unique thing, it’s not just another club tournament,” Hinsch said.


For Hinsch, it was a start to her career.


The 22-year-old first competed as a part of the National High School All-American team at the National Lacrosse Classic in 2011. She is now a senior at University of Cincinnati playing on their varsity lacrosse team, a feat many prospects of the Brine hope to accomplish.


The Brine had 1,140 alumni alone playing in the NCAA during the 2016 season, a success at the top of a lacrosse player’s agenda. The annual showcase event features more than 2,000 premier players from across the country selected based on skills and sportsmanship demonstrated at regional tryouts. As a gateway to the NCAA, thousands of National Lacrosse Classic participants have gone on to play at the collegiate level.


“Parents all want the best for their child,” Joel Franklin, Director of Lacrosse for LEGACY Global Sports, said. “The amount of National Lacrosse Classic alumni is a huge number proving their aspiration is achievable.”


Although continuing to play lacrosse, the sport does not always offer a viable career path. For that, Hinsch has turned to what she learned throughout her years involved with LGS.


These life lessons learned in youth sports correlate with being a successful business person - learning how to lose graciously and win humbly, the ability to perform under pressure, and work as a team. Additionally, witnessing an event planned from start to finish and experiencing every level of participation. This struck a chord for what’s next in Hinsch’s career and her time with LGS proved to be the crucial stepping-stone.


“I want to get [a career in] event management and Joel [Franklin] was the start of that,” the Sports Administration major said. “Being involved with Legacy, I get the lacrosse part of it but I also get what I need for my future when my lacrosse career is done.”



The power of youth elite sports has its many advantages. LEGACY Global Sports provides the opportunity to do just as the name suggests… leave a legacy. The Hinsch family continues to help grow the sport of lacrosse and teach the importance of what you leave behind can also lead you ahead.


LEGACY Global Sports has crafted an environment to enrich future leaders. Through world-class development programs, showcase events, and international experiences, LGS ignites passions and introduces endless possibilities. Sport success is typically measured in whether you make it professionally, but what can be easily forgotten are the core values taught in sport.


As with Hinsch, her family felt they were getting so much more out the structure of the NLC tournament - to the extent that the family has treated as their staple family summer vacation with everyone involved. Hinsch’s father, Tom, is now the New England coach while Hinsch works the tournament doing everything from running clocks to assisting with coaching.


The National Lacrosse Classic, celebrating its ten year anniversary this year, is a fundamental tournament put on by Legacy Global Sports. It provides elite youth athletes a stage to showcase their talents but also an immersive and educational experience.


The focus reaches much further than just lacrosse. The tournament aimed at informing both parents and athletes on the lacrosse world in an aspiration-based setting. A speaker series and various vendors are available to educate on everything from sports psychology to academics.


“Overall they try to build your character and build your person,” Hinsch said. “They really get you ready for college lacrosse and life in general.”


There is a lot of information to take in over the tournament and extreme competition with an Olympic-style experience for each player involved. Hinsch believes there is only one way to approach it.


“Take advantage of every opportunity and go up to every vendor in between every game,” the Connecticut native said. “Take advantage of being with the top people in lacrosse meeting new friends on your team. Always making connections and networking is such a huge thing.”


The 2017 National Lacrosse Classic and National Lacrosse Academy brings together the finest players and coaches to Richmond, Virginia, July 18-21, 2017.



About LEGACY Global Sports


LEGACY Global Sports is a global sporting event and player management company. With a full range of event & tour management, travel & housing services, player development and athlete representation, LEGACY provides a complete sports experience for youth athletes and their families. LEGACY’s mission is to impact the lives of our customers by maximizing individual potential and providing lifelong international and domestic experiences.


About National Lacrosse Classic


Celebrating it's 10th year, the 2017 National Lacrosse Classic and National Lacrosse Academy brings together the finest players and coaches to Richmond, Virginia, July 18-21, 2017 in an event offering extreme competition, exposure to the next level of the sport and an Olympic-style lacrosse experience for every player. Regional team tryouts are scheduled throughout the country for all players. Thousands of National Lacrosse Classic participants have gone on to play at the collegiate level.


For more information, visit us at www.legacyglobalsports.com


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