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Super Series Boston Breakout Results

More than 250 youth hockey teams across 7 different age groups traveled into Boston to take part in the Super Series AAA's Boston Breakout Showcase.  There from all over the country were treated to three days of non stop, end to end, hockey action.  Parents, kids, coaches and scouts filled the stands as some of the best teams in the country went toe to toe for early season bragging rights!

The first big showcase of the season can be a bit misleading as some teams have been together playing all summer and some just started back up in August.  The showcase format guaranteed each team 4 to 5 games per team based on which division you were in, and no playoffs or finals.  This meant that every game was equally important as multiple teams could finish with perfect records.  Drop a game that you shouldn't and all of a sudden your team is cascading down the standings board.  

Here are the top 5 teams in each age group from the 2019 Boston Break Out:


1.  Boston Jr Eagles  5-0

2.  Boston Americans 5-0

3.  Providence Hockey Club 5-0

4.  Patriots Hockey 5-0

5.  Mid Fairfield Jr Rangers 4-0-1


1.  Mid Fairfield Jr Rangers 5-0

2.  CT Jr Huskies 5-0

3.  Minuteman Flames 5-0

4.  Boston Jr Eagles 5-0

5.  Worcester Jr Railers 5-1


1.  Top Gun 5-0

2.  Valley Jr Warriors 5-0

3.  Boston Jr Eagles Elite 4-0-1

4.  Charlotte Jr Checkers 4-0-1

5.  LA Jr Kings 4-1


1.  Bay State Breakers 5-0

2.  MN Fire 5-0

3.  CT Huskies 4-1

4.  Top Gun 4-1

5.  Chicago Young Americans 4-1


1.  Philadelphia Hockey Club 5-0

2.  Jersey Hitmen 5-0

3.  Palmyra Black Knights 5-0

4.  Seacoast Spartans 4-0-1

5.  IHC Black 4-0-1


1.  NJ Rockets 5-0

2.  Virtua Hockey 5-0

3.  South Florida Hockey Academy 4-0-1

4.  Protec Ducks 4-1

5.  North Jersey Avalanche 4-1


1.  Florida Alliance 5-0

2.  Rochester Selects 4-0

3.  IHC National 4-0

4.  NY Saints 3-1

5.  Seacoast Performance Academy Bezio 3-1

The next Super Series AAA event will be the 2006 and 2007 Princeton, NJ showcase on October 11-12, 2019.

For full results please click here!


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