Check out this great off-ice hockey speed workout | Youth1

Check out this great off-ice hockey speed workout

Source: Hockey Training - Youtube

The experts at Hockey Training have a an awesome workout to help you improve your speed on the ice. 

The full workout includes:

1. Proper warm up with some low effort runs

2. Half kneeling start sprints: 8 x 20 yds with 75-90 secs rest in between sprints

3. Back pedal sprints: 4 x 15 yds with 75-90 secs rest in between sprints. Start 5 yards in front of starting line, back pedal 5 yards and then sprint forward 15 yards (not 10 as mentioned in video by mistake).

4. Box jumps 12 x 1 with 60-75 secs rest in between jumps

5. Jumping medicine ball throw from chest x 15 with 45-75 secs rest in between throws



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