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BH Hockey Skills Camp/Y1ACT Recap

Last week the BH Hockey Skills Camp in Morristown, NJ took place with 20 of the best players in the area taking part in this four day, pro style camp.  The camps agenda was a rigorous one as the athletes would have 2 high tempo ice sessions, a one hour strength and conditioning session and a 1 hour nutrition session all four days.

The athlete’s day started off quickly with the Strength and Conditioning sessions.  The sessions, run by Strength and Conditioning Pro, Bill Katinsky, would consist of strength, conditioning, mobility, flexibility and team building sessions.  The athletes then were able to relax their bodies and exercise their minds in a nutrition session led by one of the top nutritionists in NJ, Melissa Beatrice.  The athletes learned about proper nutrition for pre-game, post-game, tournament weekends, practice days and more. 

Once the nutrition session wrapped up players were chomping at the bit to get on the ice! The on-ice sessions, lead by camp owner/head coach Brendon Herr, L.A. Kings Defenseman, Joakim Ryan, and Katinsky.  The first session of the day focused on skating and edge work led by Ryan, as well as puck skill development.  Herr has become one of the top skills coaches in the northeast with his unique skill development drills. 

“Skating is the name of the game in the NHL.  You need to be able to maximize your skating efforts in order to be successful on the ice.  The higher level you play, the better your skating has to be.” – LA Kings Defenseman Joakim Ryan

The athletes then broke for a healthy lunch and some relaxation time before heading back on the ice for the second ice session, which consisted of all small area games and battle drills.  Players were subject to multiple 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 small area games to maximize skill development.

“The way the game is played now, these small, in tight drills are imperative for developing players for the next level of ice hockey.” – Camp Owner Brendon Herr

The last day of the camp the athletes were able to take an On-Ice Y1ACT combine to gather scores on agility, sprint speed, and top end speed.  The three tests put into perspective where players are versus where they want to go.  The on-ice testing was a huge highlight for both the BH Hockey Skills Camp and Youth1 Media!



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